Do you remember the feeling of uncontrolled excitement on Christmas morning as a kid? Did you run into your parents’ room to wake them up early, begging them to let you open presents right away?

With our Christmas Love Pack gifts, we share that same joy and excitement with kids in need around the world. Kids like 16 year old Guadelupe in Peru.

Guadalupe received a Christmas Love Pack last year, full of special gifts and treats. Her favorite item was a cozy new blanket! She’s been using it on her bed ever since, and loves snuggling up with the extra warmth it provides. Her family lives in a small shack in the slums outside Lima – the walls of cardboard and scrap wood do little to protect them from the cold wind. So you can imagine what a blessing her Love Pack blanket is!

That’s why Guadalupe says that if she could see her sponsors who gave her this amazing gift, she would give them a big hug! Just like you hug your family around the Christmas tree when you’re delighted with a special gift, Guadalupe’s Love Pack filled her with so much joy!

As with any Love Pack, though, it’s not just about the gift. For Guadalupe, her Love Pack is also a tangible reminder of how much Jesus loves her, and how she can reflect His love back to the world. Her Love Pack contained a special Christmas devotional that talked about Jesus’ birth, and the great love that brought God to earth to live and die as a man, all for us. 

And months later, Guadalupe is still hanging onto that lesson. “I should be a better daughter and a better sister,” she explains, “because Jesus teaches me to give my best and give love.” Every time she wraps up in her new blanket, Guadalupe is reminded again of her Love Pack Bible lesson, and Jesus’ love. 


Stories like Guadalupe’s are why we can’t wait for this year’s Love Pack season! Even though it’s only September, Christmas will be here before we know it. Give a Love Pack today!