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Saying YES to Siblings of Sponsored Children!

Every week, Abigael watched her brother Gibson run off happily to his Life Center. He would come back glowing, sharing stories about that day’s Bible lesson, the games they played and the food they shared. It all sounded like so much fun! Every week, Abigael would ask her grandma if she could go with Gibson. And every week, her grandma had to tell her no.

Gibson is part of our sponsorship program. With sponsorship comes so many benefits including school fees, holistic needs, and exchanging letters with his sponsors. Best of all is enrollment in the Life Center at his local church. Life Centers provide a space for children to learn about Jesus and grow in faith. Under the mentorship of caring, Christian teachers, kids study the Bible, sing worship songs, play fun games, and share a meal together.

With all the fun and joy shared at a Life Center, you can see why Abigael was jealous of her brother. 

For a long time, Life Center attendance has been limited to sponsored children only. But we’re tired of making parents and grandparents choose which of their children will receive the benefits of Christian discipleship. Every child needs to know the joy and freedom that is found in Jesus. And that’s why our newly redesigned Life Center program includes the siblings of sponsored kids. 

And that’s also why, one day in January, her grandma finally got to say “YES!” when Abigael asked if she could go to Life Center with her brother.

Abigael was so excited that first day, and her joy hasn’t let up over the last few months. Life Center day is her favorite day of the week. Her teacher Rebecca says she is usually the first one to show up in the morning, and that she is always eager to learn new Bible stories. She’s already memorized many new verses and likes to volunteer for class tasks like praying and reading scripture. Even after just a few weeks, her confidence in her faith is growing! We can’t wait to see how God will help her continue to grow in the future.

In addition to spiritual needs, we’re also providing for the physical needs of siblings like Abigael. At the Life Center each week, everyone - sponsored kids and all their siblings - share a healthy meal together. For families like Gibson and Abigael’s who are surviving without a steady income, these meals really help fill nutritional gaps. We pack our menus with all proteins, fruits, and veggies they might rarely see at home. As Life Center teachers get to know each child, they learn additional unique needs that each one has. From medical care and new homes, to clean water and new clothes, every child receives the things they need to thrive.

We’re so glad Abigael gets to be a part of our program now!


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people like you to help transform children’s lives. If you’re interested in meeting physical and spiritual needs for children like Abigael, please consider becoming a sibling supporter today.

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