Will you join us in praying for our Life Centers around the world? We could use prayer over the next few weeks especially!

Life center fellowship

Life Centers are the heart of our ministry. At Life Center meetings, kids visit a church in their local area to learn all about Jesus and His love for them. Along the way, they connect with positive Christian mentors from the local congregation, form fast friendships with their peers, share meals together, enjoy a time of play, and so much more. Life Centers also serve as a hub for us to connect with kids and meet other physical needs they might have like clean water access, medical care, and more. Unfortunately, COVID-19 disrupted these vital places of spiritual growth and physical development.

Now, over a year into the pandemic, Life Centers are starting back up again! We can’t wait to be back meeting with the kids in person again. As we do, we need your prayers:



Kenya was able to hold a few Life Center meetings already. Unfortunately, many areas of the country, including Nakuru County where our office is located, just went back into lockdown due to rising case counts. In accordance with government regulations, our Life Center meetings are once more on hold.

Please pray specifically for encouragement for both the kids and our Kenyan leaders. To experience the joy of meeting together for a few short weeks, only to have that opportunity removed again is very difficult. Pray that the kids would have understanding and patience as we work with these new regulations, and that our leaders would be blessed with wisdom as they navigate a rapidly changing situation. 

Most of all, pray for safety! Kenya has started administering vaccines, working primarily on frontline healthcare workers at the moment – we are hopeful this will turn the tide of their cases soon. In the meantime, pray that God would keep our kids and their families healthy!


Uganda is preparing for the day when they can restart Life Center meetings in person. We can’t wait!

At this point, our most urgent prayer request is that the case load would stay stable in Uganda. If they experience a surge similar to what Kenya is seeing, our plans will be disrupted there as well. We are hoping to move forward with a return to in-person meetings with no more surprises!

Also pray for the logistical work our staff is doing to communicate with children and their teachers to get them ready for the restart. There are lots of details to track down!


For now, Peru Life Centers will continue to meet virtually. Pray for inspiration for Pastor Jack who has been faithfully putting these virtual lessons together for over a year now. As he continues this important work, he needs encouragement and strength. Virtual Life Centers have been such a blessing to the kids in lockdown in Peru! 

Most importantly, please continue to pray for safety for our children and staff in Peru! The virus continues to spread rapidly there, and many of our families have been affected. Hopefully soon Peru’s vaccine program will begin to turn the tide, and we can start looking towards in-person Life Center meetings there too.

Pray especially for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one right now. We know many of our kids have lost parents and grandparents – let’s lift them up in prayer as they navigate this difficult time!

Slowly, but surely, we are moving back towards “normal” in-person Life Center meetings around the world. Thank you so much for praying for us as we navigate these ongoing transitions!


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