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Prathipa Finds Healing and Hope in Jesus

Every day, Prathipa and her family prayed to a small idol outside their home in India. They turned to this Hindu god for guidance and daily provision. Even when her dad got sick, they kept praying to the idol for deliverance. Soon, her dad was so sick he couldn’t work anymore, and their small savings quickly dwindled. And when they started skipping meals because there was no money for rice, they kept praying to that small stone statue.

As the family struggled to survive, one of their neighbors suggested they send Prathipa to the Life Center at the local church. Life Centers are a space for kids to meet weekly to study God’s Word and learn about Jesus - but they also include a healthy, nutritious meal, and provide a way for us to learn about kids’ additional needs that we can meet through the Where Most Needed fund.

Prathipa’s family didn’t want anything to do with the church - her dad was dead set against it. But he was still sick, and still couldn’t work. Finally he gave in and let her attend.

Prathipa loved spending time at the Life Center. Her teacher was so kind, and she had so much fun with the other kids. Best of all were the meals they shared together! But sadly, shortly after she started attending, Prathipa got very sick. She had terrible stomach pains, and couldn’t keep any food down. Soon she was so weak, she could hardly get out of bed, let alone go to her Life Center.

Her parents were convinced this was retribution - a curse from their Hindu gods for seeking help from the church. They couldn’t afford any sort of medical care, so they just kept her at home, and kept praying to the stone idol for healing.

When Prathipa didn’t show up at Life Center, her teacher came to visit their house to see why. When she saw how sick she was, she knew we had to help. Thankfully we had a medical camp coming up, and she convinced her parents to let her attend. She was so weak, but they were able to get there.

Once at the medical camp, volunteers prayed with her and quickly got her in to see the doctor. Thankfully, her illness was easily treatable! It was a bad case of stomach worms, which can be solved with a simple pill. Almost immediately, Prathipa started to feel better. Soon she was eating again, and back at the Life Center with her friends.

From that moment on, Prathipa started to believe that Jesus is not the cause of her problems, He is actually the solution! And seeing how she was healed, Prathipa’s mom even came to believe, too!

Today, Prathipa and her mom are both walking with Jesus! Prathipa is happy, healthy, and learning more about Jesus’ love for her every week. The healthy, nutrient-dense meals we share at Life Center help bridge the gap with what her parents are able to provide at home. Her Life Center teacher is keeping a close eye on her health, but so far she hasn’t needed any further treatment. What a joy to see the transformation in this sweet family.


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