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PRAISE! Transformational Easter celebrations, because of you!

Did you have a wonderful Easter celebration this year? I hope so! Celebrating Christ’s resurrection is one of my favorite moments in the whole year!

And this year, it was made even more special because we got to celebrate with 3,500 children around the world. At each of our Life Centers, we hosted big Easter parties. From fun games and tasty treats to worship songs and lessons on Christ’s resurrection, it was a day to remember!

Many of our families are still struggling to recover financially from the pandemic. The kids told us that there was no money at home to do anything at all special for Easter, so the feast we shared was especially memorable.

But the best part was sending every child home with a daily devotional book of their own. The kids were thrilled and excited to receive these! For some of them, it’s the first book that is all their own, besides school books. For the last few weeks, we’ve been hearing reports of how they are reading their devotionals and the encouragement it is bringing to their day-to-day lives. 

19-year-old Marion was particularly excited to receive her devotional. You see, Marion’s father had a heart attack last year and passed away. Since then, both Marion and her mom have really struggled with grief. The pain was so great that Marion was even starting to doubt her faith.

Thankfully, Marion found encouragement at her Life Center, as she was consistently reminded of God’s faithfulness and love. And the devotional she received at Easter made a big difference as well. She shared that she’s been reading it to her mom every morning, and it has changed the whole tone of their day. Now, Marion says that she has hope again.

We’re so happy to hear how young people like Marion are enjoying studying God’s word, and it’s a privilege to be a part of their journey with Christ.

But I’ve saved the best news for last. Not only were our Easter celebrations encouraging for existing believers… they also helped bring new people to Christ! Two young men in Uganda - Sammy and Steven - both gave their lives to Jesus this Easter! We are so thrilled to welcome them into the family of believers, and look forward to watching their faith grow.

Thank you to everyone who made these Easter celebrations possible. We praise God for you daily - your generosity is truly transformational!

Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma

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