Every time you read a Childcare Worldwide blog, order from a gift catalog, or open a letter that shares the impact your gifts have on the lives of children in need, you have interacted with our amazing Fundraising Team. This highly motivated trio is dedicated to finding the greatest needs of our children around the world and connecting those needs with caring people like you. And the best part? They do it all with a smile, knowing they are helping to change the future of thousands of children as they partner side by side with our donors. 

Meredith – Vice President of Development

Meredith is the Vice President of Development at Childcare Worldwide and the leader of our Fundraising team. She has been with us for 15 years, first starting out volunteering with us while she attended Western Washington University, then when she graduated, she got a job touring with our Ugandan Kids Choir, and after traveling with them for about a month, joined the Fundraising team. She has been working tirelessly for our kids ever since.

Meredith looks at the overall picture of what the greatest needs are for our kids around the world and strategizes to best make those needs known to our donors. Meredith does everything from setting goals for the year to working with spreadsheets, but her favorite part of her job is connecting with individual donors. She loves hearing their hearts for children and hearing their stories, and their passion inspires her every day.

Over the years, Meredith has never lost her joy and inspiration to help meet the needs of our kids. Hearing the impact our compassionate donors have in completely changing the lives of children in serious need keeps her work fresh and rewarding. Going on a trip with Childcare Worldwide to Kenya and Uganda made the needs of our kids clear in her mind and heart. Seeing the reality of the suffering thousands of kids experience every day, makes connecting with donors who have so much love for them the best part of every day. 

Meredith greatly values working in an environment where everyone cares deeply for each other, and has experienced first-hand, the love and support of the Childcare Worldwide team.

Outside of work, Meredith loves spending time with her husband and 6-year-old daughter. Her new puppy keeps her on her toes, and she also enjoys long walks outside, enjoying nature.

Caitlin – Donor Relations Manager

Caitlin is our Donor Relations Manager. She has worked with Childcare Worldwide for over 5 years. Caitlin’s goal is to help donors feel connected not only to the needs of our children, but to the real impact their gifts have on kids around the world. Caitlin is a gifted writer, and the author of our newsletters, many emails, letters, most of our blogs. She also curates our stories from the field and if you have read anything about a specific child or family, you can be sure that Caitlin was a big part of sharing those stories with you.

Besides writing, Caitlin’s favorite part of her job is talking with donors on the phone. She is so blessed to see the level of care and compassion our donors have for the kids. Caitlin was worried about what might happen to our kids around the world when COVID began to cause so much hardship, even here in America, but she was amazed as God worked through our loving donors, making sure our kids were taken care of in this difficult time.

Seeing God come through in the most difficult situations keeps Caitlin passionate and motivated to continue connecting real kids to loving donors. Seeing the lasting impact that sponsorship has, not just on individual children, but on their families and communities makes her work fulfilling and worthwhile. Traveling overseas and meeting our kids and global staff made a lasting impact on her life as well.

In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys visiting family with her husband, and is passionate about spending lots of time in the mountains, hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Kristin – Fundraising Specialist

Kristin is the newest member of our Fundraising Team and had the unique experience of being hired during the pandemic. Through zoom meetings, she has been able to connect with various staff members almost daily and feels warmly welcomed. 

As our Fundraising Specialist, Kristin organizes our mailing lists, prints and sends out letters, creates reports of our impact and works as the team’s project manager, scheduling every step of every task and assigning each part to the right person. It is a complicated process that keeps everything running properly and on time. One of the things Kristin loves about working with Childcare Worldwide is that it is small enough to really connect with individuals, but large enough to forever change the lives of thousands of children globally.

Kristin was excited and surprised to find a position that is so closely aligned with her passions and skills. Kristin and her husband adopted their 2 kids from Africa, who are now teenagers, and lived in Kenya for the last three years. They just recently moved to Bellingham. She had experience in fundraising, and fortunately for us, Kristin joined our team.

In her spare time Kristin enjoys spending time with her family, reading good books, and is a certified teacher for Christ-centered yoga through Holy Yoga.

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