When you put one of Childcare Worldwide’s longest-serving staff members on a team with our newest staff member, it’s a match made in heaven! Sherae and Bethany serve on the Community Engagement team, and even a global pandemic isn’t slowing them down.



Sherae first joined the Childcare Worldwide staff 11 years ago. Originally, she served as a tour leader with the Ugandan Kids Choir. After a year of being “Auntie” to 10 precious kids from Uganda, Sherae joined our sponsorship team in Bellingham. Sherae helped lead the sponsorship team through countless organizational changes, always providing gracious, professional care to our sponsors.

But after nearly a decade of committed service, Sherae was ready for a new challenge. She is now in charge of community engagement, focusing on developing partnerships with churches and other organizations. She loves discovering where our goal to share the hope of Jesus aligns with the unique vision and goals of our church partners.

Two things have kept Sherae invested in this ministry for all these years. First, she deeply appreciates our team. Whether it’s the community we have here in the Bellingham office or the heart to share God’s love that she sees in our international staff, working with this team is inspiring. While visiting our programs in Peru last year, Sherae got to see first-hand the way our field team cares for the kids, and their heart to share God’s love. Knowing how hard they’re working in the field, makes Sherae want to work even harder to provide them the support they need to succeed!

Secondly, Sherae is inspired by the change she sees in kids’ lives through our work. She thinks of her own sponsored child, Gloria, as the perfect example. Gloria’s sponsorship journey started with a letter she wrote, boldly and passionately outlining her goals and her need for help. After reading her letter, Sherae sponsored her immediately, and Gloria took full advantage of that opportunity! She recently graduated, and is now living out her dreams and serving her community as a midwife! With young people like Gloria in mind, Sherae can’t help but continue to give her best every day at work.

Outside of work, Sherae spends much of her time investing in other ministries. She is closely involved with a local women’s ministry, and also helped launch (and continues to manage) a special camp for teen foster children. When she needs a break, she loves spending time with friends, as best she can during this COVID-19 lockdown, as well as reading, and enjoying Bellingham’s beautiful outdoor playground.




Bethany is brand new to our team and we are so excited to have her on board! She’s originally from Seattle but has called Bellingham home for 15 years now. She loves the perfect mix of mountain and city that we enjoy here. With an MBA as well as a background in publishing, marketing, and even piano performance, her unique skill set will be a great asset to our team.

Even though she knew starting a new job in the midst of a lockdown wouldn’t be easy, Bethany was too excited about our mission to say no. The opportunity we have to change kids’ lives simply by providing for their practical needs and sharing the Gospel is incredible. She is especially inspired by our holistic commitment to removing the barriers children face to their success, and can’t wait to get to work!

Bethany will join Sherae in building partnerships with churches and organizations – Bethany will focus on churches around the country, allowing Sherae to give more attention to our local partners here in Whatcom County. Bethany sees a real opportunity to build awareness about the work we do. There are so many organizations who haven’t heard our story yet, and she can’t wait to start building connections and finding the points where our mission aligns with theirs. Her first priority in the coming weeks is to develop an outreach plan that we can implement as soon as pandemic concerns start to lessen.

Bethany got married in March this year, with a small, pandemic-appropriate ceremony. She’s spent these last few months of social distancing figuring out married life. She’s also spent a lot of time hiking, seeking out uncrowded spots in the great outdoors by heading to the steepest trails she can find!

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