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Love Pack parties have started!

After abbreviated celebrations last year, we are SO excited to be hosting big Christmas parties for our kids around the world this year! We’ve been praying for months now that no new lockdowns would impede our Love Pack plans, and so far it seems that prayer has been answered.    The first parties happened in Uganda this past week, with many more to follow in Kenya, Peru, and India. Even Thailand and Sri Lanka which are still in lockdown will be able to distribute gifts.  It’s a blessing to be able to share the joy of this season with each of the kids we serve, and so fun to see their smiles as they open their Love Pack gifts from their sponsors.  

 Just like here, each kid has their favorite items. For some it’s the new backpack they can use to carry their books to and from school. For others it’s new clothes so they can look “smart” - something that tends to be deeply valued in the cultures where we work, much more so than here in the States. And some just love the treats: lollipops, cake, soda and more! Many of the kids we serve have never received a Christmas gift before, so you can imagine just how much joy these Love Packs from sponsors are creating!  But it’s more than just the presents. For the first time, we are using our new Christmas Life Center curriculum. That means that we can be certain of the fact that every child has received consistent messaging about the truth of Jesus’ birth in the weeks leading up to their Love Pack party. And it all culminates in a special message that reminds each child Jesus was born in Bethlehem for them!  We’ll be very busy in the coming weeks with the rest of our Love Pack parties - for 5,700 children in all. But it’s so worth it! There’s nothing better than seeing these smiles as kids celebrate Christmas and the gift of Jesus. We wish you and your family joy in both this and the coming New Year!  


Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma
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