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“Keeping my heart beating with God’s heart for the poor” - A volunteer’s story

My name is Carlo and I have been playing music since I was 3 or 4. I’ve been a worship arts pastor for decades and have a passion for writing and recording music. I’m also passionate about using what God has given me to help children facing poverty. Before God called me to be a pastor, I thought I would be a social worker who believed the Bible. I had seen a disconnect between the church that preached depth in Christ but seemed to ignore the poor. Then I discovered child sponsorship & the many ways the Church can and has been the catalyst for monumental change in all parts of the world, including rescuing children and families from the devastation of poverty. 

I began sponsoring a child with my bandmate back in college when we were scraping by. While it was a sacrifice, even then I could see that for a bit over $1 a day (and more like 60 cents because my band mate was covering the other half), we were changing the life of this child forever. Not only was he learning of God’s love for him, but by helping him with education, development of employable skills, friendship and nutrition, the whole community was being enhanced. And that is just one child. Imagine the effects of thousands and thousands of children being sponsored all over the world! This is the healing of the nations!

I am volunteering with Childcare Worldwide because I always want to keep my heart beating with God’s heart for the poor. And this organization, located right in my hometown, is filled with authentic Jesus followers who truly care about His kingdom coming. The Lord has given me a “voice” and in this case a musical one to advocate for those “who can’t speak for themselves.” Verses like Proverbs 31:8-9 are such profound admonitions that we must take seriously and look for ways to fulfill: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  

When I look into the eyes of my sponsored children, I can’t help but think how similar and yet different they are to my children. Melvin and Esther have dreams, aspirations, skills, joys and loves. But heaped on top of this, burying the potential, is the weight of poverty. You and I can literally speak for them. I do not deserve to be born in the USA into a loving family - nor do my children. It is just the blessing the Lord has given to us. Far be it from me to use the abundant blessings just for me and mine. 

A few years ago I contacted CW about putting on a concert and raising awareness for child sponsorship. They welcomed the idea, but then we found ourselves in the middle of the Covid Pandemic, trying to figure out how to create this concert online, and build in an interview that would speak to the hearts of people. We stretched the limits of our creativity, but the message went out - and instead of just one night, the concert was able to remain online for viewing all over the world. 

Just like me, the Lord has given gifts to each one of his children wherever we are in our journey. We ask you to join the volunteer team today & to get creative to help promote sponsorship to make a meaningful difference in the lives of kids in need. Each of these children we represent have great value to the Lord, and when we bless them, we bless Him.

Carlo serves through music. How can you? Your online voice, your church community, your circle of influence wherever and whoever may be in it! God can use you to change the world for children each and every day. If you want to be a voice for children who often go unheard but who are treasured in God’s economy, we’d love to have you as a volunteer! From hosting a sponsorship Sunday at your church to manning an event booth, you are needed!

Written by:
Carlo Furlan

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