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“It Seemed Like Magic”: How You Provided the Miracle of Clean Water to Josephine

In Baringo County in Kenya, in a small home with mud walls and a grass roof, you’ll find Josephine, a sweet, shy 12 year old. Life hasn’t been easy for her and her family, but that hasn’t slowed down her ambition at all. Josephine dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up. And generous donors like you are tearing down the obstacles that stand in her way!

Josephine lives with six siblings and her mom. They primarily survive on the food they grow in their garden, eating beans and maize most days. They live in a poor area - they’re surrounded by people who don’t have much. But still, Josephine is hopeful for her future.

You see, Josephine has a sponsor! Because of sponsorship she is learning and progressing in school. Because of sponsorship she is receiving some of the necessities her family couldn’t otherwise afford - things like mosquito nets and medical check ups. But best of all, sponsorship means she gets to attend a Life Center!

Life Centers provide children a safe place to meet weekly with caring Christian mentors. Hosted at a local church, each Life Center meeting includes Bible study, worship, a healthy meal, and fun fellowship. For Josephine, Life Centers gave her a whole new life! Her Life Center teachers shared with her about the freedom and hope found in Jesus, and Josephine decided to give her life to Him!

Now, Jesus is the source of Josephine’s hope for her future. Even though her daily life is still very challenging, she believes God will provide for her.

One of Josephine’s biggest daily challenges has always been water. Her family gets all of their water directly from a river. It’s untreated, a muddy brown color, and it tastes nasty. But they have no other choice. They can’t even afford to boil it to make it safe to drink: the fuel for a fire is too expensive - everything they can gather or buy needs to be saved for cooking.

That’s why donors like you are providing clean water filters to Josephine, and hundreds of other families just like hers. These water filters take filthy, muddy water, just like the kind Josephine draws from the river, and with a simple charcoal filter turns it into fresh, pure drinking water!

Josephine could hardly believe her eyes - or her taste buds - when she got to drink water from her filter for the first time. It seemed like magic. This big obstacle to her family’s health and well-being is now completely gone!

For Josephine this water filter miracle is just one more example of how Jesus loves her and provides for her - just like she’s been learning at Life Center!

Do you want to provide water filters for families like Josephine’s? Your gift to our Where Most Needed fund will provide clean water, healthy food, medical care, and so much more for children in need!

Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma

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