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Home Sweet Home!

When we learned that some of our sponsored children were living in termite-ridden, unstable, unsanitary shacks, we wanted to help immediately. Thankfully, you stepped up to build two of these families new homes - and Lord willing, they’ll be completed in July! Here’s what Gladys, one of the recipients, has to say about her new house, and the difference it will make for her family.

Gladys and her family can’t wait to move into a safe place

My family is going to be secure in so many ways. It will give me peace knowing that my children are sleeping in a very safe place. Our house has had many holes and gaps in the roof as well as the walls and this would let in many mosquitoes at night and therefore I had many malaria cases in my home.

On several occasions, the roof has been blown off by the strong winds which would require repairs all the time. The roofing was weak and the iron sheets are so old that some parts are covered by plastic. The termites make continuous heaps in the house and they destroy clothes and other property.

Their old house is quite cramped for all of them - but in the new home, there will be space for all! The space in our small house cannot accommodate the entire family. We currently cram into two one-room small houses made of mud and sticks.

We are many, but this new house is going to have enough space for all of us. We are going to have two bedrooms all to ourselves, plus living areas and a bathroom. Oh, God is good!


Especially during the rainy season, the new house will transform their lives

The old house is always easily flooded by water during the rainy season. The roof leaks. The house has been too cold for us and whenever it rained, we would have to move our bedding and clothes to a small corner that doesn’t leak as much till the rain would stop. We have a lot of water flowing in here and flooding. The floor would be filled with water. We wait for it to dry out on its own since the floor is made of earth. But now we will be privileged to live in a house that has cement. I can’t thank God enough.

They are particularly excited to have a bathroom inside their home! 

I had never dreamt of having a bathroom inside my house, but this new house that Childcare Worldwide has gifted me has an inside bathroom. My girls can bathe safely when they return from school; they do not have to bathe outside anymore.

My pit latrine is so old it's almost sinking in. It is expensive to have a new pit dug for you. I was so worried that one day, it would just collapse on someone and cause an accident, but now I am so excited that we are getting a permanent bathroom. Who would have thought so?

Their new home will be beyond what they’ve ever imagined

It is a blessing to the whole family. We have never dreamt of having a permanent house. Even if my husband were still alive, I doubt we would have been able to have such a house. It is big and beautiful. There is happiness and excitement in my home now. Thank God for this blessing - He has given us joy indeed. My hope as a person has been renewed and I know that the Lord never forgets His own. My family is going to be really comfortable. Who am I to live to see this happen? Sometimes I wake up in the night and I realize it’s not a dream but reality. God bless Childcare Worldwide for this gift. It’s so special.


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Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma
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