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God was Gracious

Pauline thought she was done raising kids. Her children were grown and married with kids of their own. But when her daughter’s marriage fell apart, Pauline wound up taking in her grandkids, Glancy and Alicia. At first, she was overwhelmed. How could she possibly raise two more babies? Finances were very tight. But Pauline would do anything she could to see her grandkids thrive.

Pauline is a sweet Christian woman, and she made sure that both Glancy and Alicia learned the good news of Jesus. She took them to Sunday School every week where both children decided to follow Christ themselves.

Pauline always had faith that God would provide for her grandchildren. She works hard every day farming her small plot of land, growing a few vegetables to feed them and sell locally. It’s not much, but she does what she has to to make it work.

Thankfully, God did provide help for her - through generous sponsors like you! Pauline learned about Childcare Worldwide’s sponsorship program at their church. She was so happy when Alicia was enrolled and found her sponsor! With their help, Alicia and the family started receiving many benefits - educational support, clean water, and even food assistance during times of crisis. 

Best of all, Alicia got to attend the Life Center every Saturday. At the Life Center, Alicia played fun games, sang worship songs, shared a healthy meal with her friends, and studied God’s word with the other students. She loved every minute! 

The whole family was thrilled for Alicia and excited to watch her faith grow as she continued to attend Life Center. But it was tough for Glancy. He had to stay home alone every weekend while Alicia ran off happily for a day of fun and learning with her friends. 

“I used to really feel bad when Alicia went to [Life Center] alone,” he explained. 

Thankfully, God pressed upon our hearts for us to extend Life Center enrollment not just to sponsored children, but to their siblings too. He has been faithful to begin to provide “sibling supporters,” donors who pledge $20 per month to make way for kids like Glancy to attend Life Center.

In January this year, Life Center teacher Ann came home with Alicia one day and told the family the good news. Pauline and Glancy could hardly believe it! Now he would get to enjoy all the fun and learning of Life Centers too!

For grandma Pauline, having both the grandkids enrolled at Life Center is such a blessing. “I thank Childcare Worldwide so much for the support they have offered to my grandchildren,” she says. “They came in a time when I needed help the most. God was gracious and Alicia got sponsored and now Glancy is able to go to [Life Center] also. Both of them come home very happy and well fed. Especially during the Easter celebration Glancy was very excited about the party, the skit they played at church and the cake. GOD bless Childcare!”

Now both Alicia and Glancy are learning and growing at their Life Center every week!

Do you believe EVERY child deserves to know Jesus? For just $20/mo you can provide a sibling with access to a Life Center where they will hear the gospel of Jesus, receive clean water, and nutritious meals. ‍Will you help us reach more precious siblings with the support they need?

Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma
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