In our crazy world, at the end of a crazy year, it’s important to look back and reflect on the wonderful ways God has blessed us and our children. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to Camila.

Camila is a sweet, vibrant teenager. She is very warm and from her bright eyes and authentic smile, it’s hard to see the pain that she had been carrying in her heart.

Camila lived with both her parents, but two years ago, her father left her mother and walked out of her life. The rejection and abandonment deeply wounded her loving heart, and all the usual questions of why he left her filled Camila with doubt and pain. Resentment toward her father and mother filled her heart and she could not seem to escape it.

But God had good plans for Camila and had no intention of letting her live with a wounded heart.

One day, a donor decided to sponsor Camila and she started going to her local Life Center, where she learned about Jesus and His unconditional love. She soon began to feel the still, small, voice of God drawing her into his arms. Camila answered the call and chose to let Jesus be her savior!

As she let God deeper into her heart, something she never expected began to happen. Her heart began to heal. She found the grace she needed to forgive her parents and she says, “I had resentment in my heart towards [my parents] but I met God and He healed my heart.”

And this year, she made a public declaration of her faith and love of God and chose to be baptized! The joy and peace that shown from her face after her baptism is unforgettable. After her baptism Camila says, “I feel very good and know that God will be with me forever.”

So, as we look back and reflect on this difficult year, think of Camila. Remember that God is working everything together for good, for those that love Him. Even when we cannot see it, He is here with us, calling us to let Him deeper into our hearts so that he can heal us of our pain and resentments, reminding us that God will be with us forever… just as Camila discovered for herself this year!

We are so thankful for the great and eternal impact our donors are making in the lives of children around the world.

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