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Fountain of Life

Pastor Allen and his team at Fountain of Life Church in Mukono, Uganda were faithfully praying for a water solution for their congregation. They dreamed of being able to fulfill the hope of their name, by providing their community not only with life-giving physical water but with the truth of Jesus, the Living Water too!     Their village does have a bore hole, which is where everyone went to fetch water. But it’s not free - the owners lock it at night and charge everyone a monthly fee to access it. If you can’t afford the fee, you can’t get water.  For the leaders of the church, this was a big problem - but also an opportunity! They hated seeing people suffer without water. They also knew that if they could provide water from the church, it would expand their witness. Just like the woman at the well discovering new life in Jesus when she came to fill her bucket, Pastor Allan wanted to use water to share the gospel with the community. And that’s why they’ve partnered with Childcare Worldwide to build a new water tank on their property!  

 Generous donors provided the initial investment, and the church community helped coordinate the installation and is in charge of the ongoing maintenance. What a beautiful example of Kingdom partnership! You should have seen the excitement when the new tank opened! Pastor Allan held a dedication ceremony, and the community came to celebrate. The dancing, laughing and joyful singing proved just how important this water tank is!  Pastor Allan is overwhelmed with this answer to their prayers for a water solution. He told us about the difference it’s making for those in his congregation, including Jemimah, a 12-year-old girl who is in his Sunday school class.  

 Jemimah used to wait in line for hours to use the bore hole. But the fees were a big burden for her family - they often had to give up other essentials just to afford the water. Worse, in Jemimah’s opinion, were the older boys who bullied her and her friends as they waited for water. Sometimes they were so aggressive Jemimah had to return home empty handed.  Now Jemimah can fetch water safely - and freely - from the church! But the part that really excites Pastor Allan is that Jemimah’s grandma has started visiting church with her, just to see this marvelous new water tank. She’s even started attending Sunday services with Jemimah! And there are many families just like hers. Just like he dreamed, offering the community water is creating opportunities to share the truth of the Living Water with more people than ever!

Will you consider answering the prayers of a local church to tackle the water crisis and lead others to hope in the Living Water? When you generously partner with Childcare Worldwide, you are helping transform the lives of children in poverty. Donate to a Clean Water project today, and know that your contribution will be an essential part of the dozens of water systems we are hoping to provide for local communities in 2022.

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