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Five Ways Life Centers Help Kids’ Faith Grow

Like you, it’s our heart to see children grow closer to Jesus. That’s why we’re so excited about our revamped Life Center program, where that dream is becoming reality every week. Between the new curriculum, partnerships with local churches, and our teachers' individual relationships with each child, you can see all the elements of a dynamic discipleship program. And with God’s blessing, you can see the resulting fruit in kids’ lives! 

1. A Strong Biblical Foundation

The core of our new Life Center program is the upgraded Bible-based curriculum, made possible because of your sponsorships and gifts. We cover a variety of topics that help children grow in their faith, including things like the fundamentals of salvation, how to read and study the Bible for yourself, and God’s sovereignty. Fun interactive elements like coloring sheets and word searches keep kids engaged, while memory verses and application questions help children translate what they are learning in class to their day-to-day lives. And each lesson continually points children to Jesus! 

2. Christian Mentors

It’s our incredible volunteer teachers that make this all work! These teachers are all members of their local church with a heart to see children walking with Jesus, and it’s the personal relationships they build with each child that make the difference. 

For these children who are continually facing poverty and often have challenging home lives, seeing a caring adult show up for them and take the time to connect with them week after week is so powerful! Our teachers are able to mentor each child, encouraging them to seek Jesus every day, advising them as they grow to adulthood, and providing them with the care and compassion they might not find anywhere else. 

3. Love in Action

As our Life Center teachers get to know each child on an individual basis, they have an incredible opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They learn the exact needs each child has in terms of food, water, clothing, shelter, and other physical necessities. Through that knowledge, we can intervene and ensure their needs are met.

With every gift we give, we make sure the children know it’s not from us - it’s from God and from you. Each Life Center lesson tells children that God loves them. And putting that love in action through the individualized gifts they need to thrive is such a powerful confirmation of that truth!


4. Connection to the Local Congregation

Faith thrives in fellowship with other believers, which is why it is so important for kids to be connected with a Christian community. By rooting each Life Center at a strong local church, every kid is part of a vibrant congregation. Our church partners build on the work we do at Life Centers through Sunday School and other community events. And as the child grows, they are surrounded by other Christians who encourage them, counsel them, and pray for them through every stage of life. Together with the church, you are helping children build lasting, life-changing relationships with Jesus!


5. Prayer Warriors

One of our children’s biggest advantages is all the people praying for them and their growing faith. Our church partners in-country pray for them. Our field staff pray for them. Our staff here in the U.S. pray for them. YOU pray for them. We have all prayed fervently for our upgraded Life Center program, that God would use it to bring revival. And we know that “whatever you ask in prayer… it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).


We are so excited by how God is transforming children’s lives forever through the discipleship that happens at Life Centers every week. The upgraded Life Center program has so much potential, and we can’t wait to roll it out to all our locations around the globe. If you would like to support Life Center expansion, and be a part of helping kids walk closer with Jesus, click here.

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