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First Easter as New Believers

This year, we can’t wait to celebrate Easter for the first time with some brand new Christians in our midst! You will be glad to hear that over the past year, at least 125 sponsored kids accepted Christ. And now they get to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection for the first time as true believers!

Easter is the most important day in the Christian calendar, the event on which our whole faith hinges. And we’re so glad to connect with even more brothers and sisters around the world in this pivotal celebration.

These new believers came to faith over a variety of events, including our Christmas Love Pack parties, discipleship meetings with high school and trade school kids, and ongoing mentorships with our Life Center teachers. It is amazing to see all the ways God is working to bring these beautiful children into His kingdom!

Anthoney from Uganda is one of the new believers who will be celebrating his first Easter as a Christian this year. Anthoney spent his whole life attending church with his mom. And for 17 long years he thought that was all there was to salvation. It wasn’t until our Love Pack party last year that something finally shifted in his heart, and he realized that Jesus wanted a personal relationship with him. 

Here’s how he explained the difference Jesus is making in his life:

I am so happy for the gift of Salvation I have received today! Now I know that if I die, I will go to heaven and be with my Lord Jesus forever. I am happy about my new walk with Jesus. All along I thought that my mother’s salvation would save me, because I have grown up going to church with her. It is my prayer that I grow in Christ and get to know Him more.

Isn’t that amazing? Anthoney and kids like him are exactly why you do what you do to support the next generation! It is so exciting to see God work through the Childcare Worldwide family to draw children into new life in Him!

As you celebrate Jesus’s resurrection this Easter, please join us in praising God for the new believers like Anthoney who get to join the celebration as part of the family this year!

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