Like many people, at this time of year, I try to refocus on what I have to be grateful for. Whether it’s a “Thankfulness Turkey” with your kids, or #AttitudeofGratitude posts on your social media accounts, it seems like Thanksgiving lists are everywhere. But if I’m honest, cultivating that gratitude in my heart is harder than it has been in the past. It’s been a tough year!

But this story reminded me of the truth. We serve an amazing God, who is always at work, even when I can’t see it. And He deserves all my praise and gratitude!

Passy grew up in Uganda, in conditions I can barely even imagine. The oldest of six children, Passy took on responsibilities no child should have to from an early age. But there was no one else – her mother struggled with mental health complications, and her father was an alcoholic. All too often, keeping her younger siblings alive fell on her shoulders.

They lived in a small hut, and ate what little food they could grow in their small garden. When the garden didn’t produce anything, they simply didn’t eat.

Living in such abject poverty, Passy thought she would never amount to much.

But then, amazingly, donors just like you stepped up to help!

Through Childcare Worldwide, Passy received all the stability that had been lacking in her early years. She finally had enough food to eat, and clean water to drink. She even got to start attending school consistently.

Best of all, she was introduced to Jesus! She’d never heard the Good News before, but God was orchestrating events in her life to draw her closer to Himself. And when she was in high school, Passy gave her life to the Lord!

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Today, Passy is thriving, living a life she could never have imagined prior to the help she received from Childcare Worldwide.

She is happily married, with two kids of her own. She and her husband struggled this year during pandemic lockdowns, but they trusted God to see them through – and he did! Passy was recently able to return to the teaching job she loves. Only a few of the kids in Uganda have gone back to classes so far, and Passy is grateful to be one of the teachers serving them.

To this day, Passy is amazed by how God paved a way for her and her siblings to escape poverty, all through the generosity of people like you. And I am amazed too… and so thankful!

It’s easy for me to focus on stress and worry in these unprecedented times of pandemic and chaos. But then I see the transformation that God brought to Passy’s life, and thankfulness bubbles up instead.

I hope Passy’s story is as encouraging to you as it is to me! Happy Thanksgiving!