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Finding Freedom

At 18 years old, Daphine’s life just changed forever in the BEST possible way.  Growing up, Daphine has always felt somewhat trapped. Her father passed away, leaving her mom taking care of four kids on her own. They always made ends meet somehow, but it wasn’t easy. Even though mom did the best she could for her kids, Daphine had few reasons to hope her life would ever be easier in the future. Surrounded by poverty, she knew very few who escaped that life.    Mom always took the kids to the local Catholic church every Sunday. But Daphine never met Jesus personally there. Instead, she was taught that all religions would lead to heaven, and that as long as she wore her rosary like a good Catholic, she was fine.  But deep inside, Daphine knew something was missing. Everytime she did something selfish or unkind she felt guilty. She’s a loving, kind-hearted person by nature, and wished she could always act with compassion for others. But, of course, under her own power that’s not possible - none of us are perfect.  Daphine felt trapped by the rules of religion that she couldn’t live up to, and the limitations of her family’s economic situation. She had no reason to hope that things would ever get better.  Thankfully, God was at work in Daphine’s life - and in Him there is always hope!  He brought her to one of our Life Center meetings for high school students, and there she heard the TRUTH. She learned that Jesus is the only way to salvation and that it’s only by His blood we are washed clean.   After hearing the Gospel and talking more with our staff, Daphine decided to give her life to Jesus!  She was so happy and excited by her new-found faith. Here’s what she said:  I feel so clean, after knowing that Jesus forgives all sin. I am not feeling guilty any more about my wrongs. I have been doing a lot that was unpleasing to God, and I am so happy that HIS blood washes away all sin.   What a beautiful testimony! We are so excited to see Daphine grow in her new faith, and so grateful to get to play a small part in the story God is writing for her!  ````````````  Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help transform children’s lives. If you’re interested in helping young people like Daphine, consider donating to support our Life Center program today.

Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma
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