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Discipleship Events Help Older Students Study God’s Word

Did you know that many high school students in Kenya and Uganda attend boarding school? Many of them travel long distances to get to school, and don’t see their families for weeks at a time. Unlike the United States, there are not enough high schools in these countries for students to consistently remain living at home.  We do our best to stay in touch while they are away, but we also make sure to connect with them when they are home during school breaks. As often as possible, we gather our high school students, along with our trade school and college students for a day of discipleship and studying God’s word together.

These discipleship events are like a mini retreat, where we get to dive deep into God’s word, providing our students with inspiration and encouragement during these critical, formative years of their lives.

At our most recent event, our focus was on teaching students to study God’s Word for themselves. We encouraged them to observe and interpret what they’re reading, delving for deeper understanding of who God is. We shared techniques like physically marking up a passage, and asking the five W’s (Who? What? When? Where? Why?) about what they’re reading. Then came the most important part. We asked them to apply what they read to themselves and their day-to-day lives.

For students like 17-year-old Fedelis, these lessons are key to her continued spiritual growth.

Fedelis’s family doesn’t have much, but they make the best of what they have. Her father isn’t around, so it’s just her mom taking care of Fedelis and her brother. Mom works hard, providing everything for her children, so that they could work hard in school. Fidelis got great grades in primary school, opening up opportunities for her to attend a top-rated boarding school for her high school education. Tuition was far beyond her family's budget, but with the help of her sponsor that wasn’t a problem. Right now she is in school working towards her dream of becoming a teacher.

Fedelis and her family are Christians. She serves as a leader with the Christian youth organization at her school. She is already becoming an amazing woman of God - which is why supporting her growing faith is so important, and why she was so thankful for the lessons shared at the Life Center event during her school break.

Just listen to what she had to say about the importance of these sessions:

“I want to thank you so much for this session. It has been so helpful for my spiritual walk.”

We are so grateful for all our generous donors for making these events possible, and for their commitment to come alongside young people like Fedelis as she grows to adulthood, and encourage her in faith.

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Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma
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