The resilience and creativity we see in our sponsored kids never ceases to amaze me. And the ways they are navigating the unique challenges brought on by the pandemic are no exception.

Like many in America, most of our kids are not in school this fall. Many of their parents are without work as well. In a lot of ways they are more vulnerable than ever before. But instead of giving up, our kids are working hard to make the best of their situation.

Ritah just welcomed a new niece to the world. She’s been visiting her sister a lot, helping to care for the baby. Ritah loves bonding with her baby niece, of course, but she is also looking beyond her role as Auntie. She is learning everything she can about caring for an infant. With that knowledge she’s planning to offer her services as a babysitter to other women in the neighborhood, to help boost her family’s income. She might not be in school right now, but she is still learning valuable skills for her family and her future!

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Paul is still pretty young, but he is already making his mark as an entrepreneur. Paul attended a vocational school where he was learning carpentry, before his classes stopped because of COVID. Thankfully, Paul still has the tools from his class. With the skills he’s learned, Paul opened up a small carpentry shop! A neighbor with some forested land, allowed Paul to cut a few trees on the property, providing him the materials he needed to get started. Now, he’s practicing everything his teachers showed him, and selling his handiwork. He’s getting more skilled by the day, and hopes to start on some larger pieces of furniture next.

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Peace wasn’t sure what to do with herself when the schools first closed. But when she saw a special education program on TV, she knew exactly what to do! She started making charcoal briquettes for her family. Peace uses materials that are already available to her – dried banana peelings, a certain kind of soil, and the charcoal dust left in the bottom of a sack of regular charcoal. Mixing it all together, rolling it into small balls, and leaving it to dry, creates fuel for their cooking fires. Briquettes help Peace’s family stretch their expensive stores of charcoal much further than before – all it took was a little creativity and dedication!

Ritah, Paul, and Peace are just a few of our kids, but their creativity and hard work is representative of them all. Thank you for everything you do to help these amazing kids thrive.