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Certain Hope in Uncertain Times

Each and every one of us has experienced some level of uncertainty and fear caused by the global pandemic. For families living in poverty, though, these unknowns from Covid can be devastating.    Sixteen-year-old Guadalupe, her parents, and her two brothers have encountered many health and economic hardships since the pandemic arrived in Peru. Cristopher, Guadalupe’s older brother, fell ill with varicocele and needed surgery. Her father lost his job, and her mother is only sometimes able to find work cleaning houses.  Even Guadalupe and her younger brother, Lion, have had their difficulties, as virtual lessons require internet access. Not only do the children have to share their mother’s cell phone for their studies, but the internet often fails.  Fortunately, Guadalupe received holistic care from Childcare Worldwide just in time. With the family struggling to find stable work and a steady income to sustain their family, the healthy groceries and personal hygiene items Guadalupe received in her Hope Pack through Childcare Worldwide were a huge blessing to her whole family.  

 She also expressed so much gratitude for the Love Pack she received last Christmas, full of fun and useful items such as a blanket, a Bible, new clothes, and candy. It also included the nativity story and an explanation of what Christ’s birth means for her.  Even in the midst of the pandemic and so much uncertainty, gifts like these help children like Guadalupe remain hopeful, motivated, and determined.  With a passion for helping others, Guadalupe looks forward to one day becoming a great psychologist. But most importantly, she looks forward to the day where she will be able to give back to her parents for all of the efforts they have gone through to provide for her family.  “I know that God is good and will send us blessings in His time. I thank God that I belong to the Childcare [Worldwide] organization...” – Guadalupe, Peru  Thanks to our generous donors, Guadalupe’s family received holistic care for many of their needs and found peace for the days to come. --------------------------------------------  You can also help a family not only survive but also thrive this Christmas. Shop the 2021 Christmas Gift Catalog to provide holistic care and love for families in need across the world. As little as $3 can bring hope and joy to vulnerable kids and also introduce them to the love of Jesus.

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