Here at Childcare Worldwide, we had the BEST Easter ever! With our enhanced focus on creating new opportunities and brand-new curriculum to make the Gospel of Jesus come alive for each and every one of our children, we were able to celebrate the Easter story with all of our kids in very special ways.

In some locations where Life Centers are open again post-pandemic, we were able to hold special Easter celebrations! The kids were so excited for the chance to celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection together. If you asked each child which part was their favorite, they would all have different answers. The amazing Bible message, wonderful food, games, and songs all made this Easter the best one ever.

But wait! Because of our generous donors, we were able to do even more to help not only our children, but their families as well.

Every child received their very own, special t-shirt that says, “He is Risen!” on it, along with a bag of food for them to take home to share with their families. It is incredible to see how families respond when they realize how much our local staff, and our donors and sponsors care about their kids. With every Bible lesson and special gift, people who have never heard the Gospel are learning about the unfailing love of Jesus.

Our kids still in the midst of COVID lockdowns were not forgotten or left out! Our U.S. staff members created a special Easter devotional to help each child remember Jesus’ precious gift. Meanwhile, our staff in the field worked hard for months, putting together special Easter packages. The looks of excitement on the faces of the kids and their families as we delivered gifts to them containing food for the whole family, t-shirts for our children, and best of all, the wonderful Easter story booklet, were a joy to behold.

Every single day we thank God for the loving hearts of our sponsors and donors. You are not just changing one life, you are transforming families and communities. At Childcare Worldwide, we are absolutely committed to creating new and exciting Bible-based curriculum to spread the love of Jesus around the world, and to help future generations understand God’s word and His personal love for them. We’re so glad we had the opportunity to do so at Easter, as we proclaimed along with the kids we serve, “He is Risen!”