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When Childcare Worldwide Became Maureen’s Family November 17, 2021

When Childcare Worldwide Became Maureen’s Family

Maureen remembers it vividly. She was about eight years old, standing outside her boarding school with her brother. The term had just ended, and she was waiting for her mom to come pick them up. One by one, the other children were all picked up, until eventually it was just Maureen and her brother left. But nobody came.

5 Ways to Pair Practical Christmas Gifts with Meaningful Impact November 15, 2021

5 Ways to Pair Practical Christmas Gifts with Meaningful Impact

As you begin planning your Christmas shopping, there are likely going to be those friends who seemingly already have everything they could ever need, the extended family who’s just plain hard to shop for, or the significant other who deserves a meaningful gift that should also be practical. Fortunately, we have gift pairing ideas sure to please any person on your shopping list this Christmas!

A Light of Hope October 26, 2021

A Light of Hope

With abundant electricity and lights guiding our every activity, it can be easy to forget how big of an impact light truly has on our lives. But for 13-year-old Lydia in Kenya, a single solar lamp gifted to her by Childcare Worldwide has become a light of hope for her whole family.

Born into a family of eight older siblings, a mother who passed away when Lydia was just six years old, and an alcoholic father who refused to take care of her, Lydia has seen more darkness in her life than any child ever should. Even now, living with her cousins and aunt, Lydia has watched her aunt toil on the farm daily so that she can provide for her family and their two-bedroom, mud-walled house with iron sheet roofing.

It’s often dark in Lydia’s home by the time her aunt is cooking dinner, usually githeri (a stew made of beans and corn), and Lydia and her cousins are completing homework assignments. The rising costs of kerosene for lamps only make these daily tasks become even more difficult for the family. And even when they are able to have their lamps burning, prolonged usage of the kerosene lamps often results in dry coughs and strained eyes. 

That’s why Lydia and her family were so happy and thankful to receive a solar lamp!

“It helps my mother cook supper for us, and even helps me to do my homework. Thank you, and may God bless you!” – Lydia, Kenya

The lamp is a wonderful blessing to Lydia’s family, as it is better for their eyes and overall health and allows the children to do a little more studying every evening. They charge the lamp in the sun on top of their low-roofed house by day and reap the many benefits of its light by night.

Lydia’s sponsorship has also made it possible for her to experience weekly Life Center Bible studies, where she has created family-like bonds with children her age, filling the gap of rarely seeing her biological siblings. She is seeing light in so many areas of her life!

This Christmas, we want every child in our programs to have their physical needs met while also experiencing God’s love for them! Will you give a light of hope to children in need this Christmas so we may tangibly share that good news of the gospel with them? Every item in the 2021 Christmas Gift Catalog will bring hope and joy to vulnerable kids–and also introduce them to the love of Jesus.

Additionally, you can make your gift stretch even further! Click here to share the catalog with friends and family, or give a gift from the catalog in honor of a loved one, and give them an “in honor” card here. The more people who know about this opportunity to make a difference for kids, the more children we can reach this Christmas!

Blessing Childcare Worldwide Through Your IRA October 13, 2021

Blessing Childcare Worldwide Through Your IRA

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we strive to be good stewards of the funds given to us, and we also love to offer ways for YOU to be good stewards of your funds too! If you are 70 or older, did you know that there is a convenient, cost-effective way to experience the joy of giving and make a life-changing impact on children?


World Hunger Update September 16, 2021

The pandemic has been devastating in so many ways, but one of the worst long-term affects is its impact on world hunger. A key UN Development goal is “zero hunger” by 2030. At the end of 2019, there were encouraging signs of progress towards this big goal. In 2000, about 15 percent of the world’s population was undernourished, but at the end of 2019 that was down to less than 9 percent.

Unfortunately, the pandemic reversed all that progress. Between job loss and lockdowns, families living in poverty have few options. Promised government food aid is not reaching those most vulnerable, and travel limitations make it more difficult for aid organizations to help. Today, as many as 811 million people are suffering from undernourishment, a number we haven’t seen since 2006. 

Sadly, with slow vaccine roll out in many developing countries and the increased transmission of the Delta variant, conditions are continuing to worsen. Peru, for instance, has been in continuous lockdown for much of the past 18 months, and has the highest per-capita Covid death rate of any country in the world. Loss of both income earners combined with the inability for other families to even go to work leaves many in desperate circumstances. Similarly, Uganda, which avoided a large outbreak during the first waves of the pandemic, had a huge surge in cases earlier this summer. They are still in lockdown as a result, making it extremely challenging for families to access food. These stories are repeated across the world.

The pandemic was difficult enough for us to manage here in the U.S. Even though much of our population had saving accounts to fall back on, many of our jobs could be performed remotely, and our government offered aid to see people through, Covid still hurt our job market and economy. But imagine if you had no savings account, no internet access, let alone the option to work online, and no help from the government. How would you have fed your family during lockdown?

Childcare Worldwide’s primary mission is sharing the gospel – we are not a food aid organization. But sometimes, sharing the gospel means feeding hungry children first. And with food security decreasing around the world due to the Covid crisis, that aspect of our work is more important than ever.

By feeding hungry children at Life Centers, we’re ensuring they have access to the nutrition they might be missing at home. During these difficult times, we’re also supplementing those important Life Center meals with Hope Packs full of the essential groceries families need to survive. 

Seeing the growing threat of hunger around the world, it would be easy to become overwhelmed. But we’re grateful for the part we get to play in beating hunger! We serve a big God who holds all of this in His hands, and we are trusting Him to provide for each of the children we serve. Meanwhile, we step forward in faith, feeding those we can, making a difference where we’re able, and praying always for an end to hunger.

Join us today! Pray for families around the world who are experiencing hunger due to Covid, and make your gift today to help provide meals for hungry kids! 

Hunger statistics are taken from the United Nations 2021 Sustainable Development Goals Report. https://unstats.un.org/sdgs/report/2021/

Transformation for the Whole Family September 10, 2021

Transformation for the Whole Family

Meet Vaishnavi 

At 13 years old, she is bubbly and talkative – she loves dancing and singing too. In a crowd, she’s thrilled to be the center of attention, but also goes out of her way to be sure everyone is included andhaving a good time. Her smile lights up the room.

But she wasn’t always this way. When we first met Vaishnavi, she was weak, malnourished and frighteningly thin. Her family works hard to make ends meet, but despite their efforts still couldn’t provide all the food Vaishnavi needed to thrive.

Doctors warned that she needed more vegetables and protein in her diet – but her family was already doing everything they could to get by. There was no extra money for additional food. So Vaishnavi continued to live with the ache of hunger in her belly, the weak muscles, the dry skin, and the fragile immune system. She was constantly getting sick, and even when she wasn’t fighting a cold she was tired and listless all the time. 

But then Vaishnavi joined the Life Center at the church near her home.  Vaishnavi’s family is Hindu. Her dad didn’t even want her involved with this Chrsitian organization. But one very important aspect of Life Centers changed his mind. At the Life Center, his little girl would receive healthy, nutritious meals once a week. Sometimes, she would even have leftovers to bring home!


The meals Vaishnavi received at her weekly Life Center meetings helped with her nutrition. Every meal she received was part of getting her stronger and healthier.

But the transformation didn’t stop there. Because alongside these healthy meals, Vaishnavi was also learning all about Jesus. 

One day, Vaishnavi’s mom got very sick. She was so ill, she could hardly move. Vaishnavi told her Life Center teachers about it, and they decided to visit her mom and pray with her. And through the power of prayer, she was healed. Seeing this miracle, both Vaishnavi AND her mother gave their lives to Jesus! Even her dad is slowly starting to believe. 

One of Vaishnavi’s favorite Bible verses is John 6:35, where Jesus says “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” It’s a verse that hits close to home for her, because she’s experienced it first hand. It all started with just a simple meal that transformed Vaishnavi physically. But now her whole family is being transformed spiritually as well! 


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help transform children’s lives. If you’re interested in feeding children like Vaishnavi, click here to provide Life Center meals.


Sharing the Joy of Christmas September 3, 2021

Sharing the Joy of Christmas

Do you remember the feeling of uncontrolled excitement on Christmas morning as a kid? Did you run into your parents’ room to wake them up early, begging them to let you open presents right away?

With our Christmas Love Pack gifts, we share that same joy and excitement with kids in need around the world. Kids like 16 year old Guadelupe in Peru.


Christmas in August! August 10, 2021

Christmas in August!

Who’s ready for Christmas in August? Here at Childcare Worldwide, nothing we do is more important than making sure the kids in our program know about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and what it means for them personally. And that all starts with Christmas – the celebration of Jesus’ birth. 


Unbearable Thirst July 1, 2021

Unbearable Thirst

Bridget is 14 years old and has 3 little sisters. Her father abandoned them, but her mother works hard to take care of her family. They live in one small room, which they rent. Bridget is a wonderful help to her mother. She makes the hour-long trip to the open well for the family’s daily supply of water, and often takes care of baby Brenda so that mom can go to work. Her family attends the local church and Bridget loves being a part of the singing, dancing, and drama group there, while her mother serves as an usher.


Every Sip is a Gamble June 18, 2021

Every Sip is a Gamble

Did you know that there are hundreds of children who are currently drinking dirty water? The numbers are staggering.