Do you remember your own days in Sunday school? Did you have a favorite teacher who you really connected with? Was your church youth group one of the places you found belonging and community? For Monicah, her Life Center is all of those things!

Monicah’s life hasn’t been easy. Her father passed away five years ago, leaving her family grieving and struggling financially. With ten children to care for, Monicah’s mom has really struggled to make ends meet. Thankfully, they have relatives who’ve helped where they can. Currently, Monicah’s older siblings are all staying with various aunts and uncles. She misses having them all at home, but at least their food stretches a little further now. 

At 13, Monicah is the oldest child left at home. While her mother is out searching for work, it’s Monicah’s job to care for her four younger siblings. She doesn’t mind this too much – her favorite method of babysitting entertainment is to play double dutch jump rope with her sisters. It keeps the little ones happy for hours, and Monicah has fun too!

But despite the reprieve she finds in games with her siblings, there are so many hard days. She still misses her dad terribly. They often go hungry. And it seems like things are never easy.

Thankfully, she has her Life Center to help her through!

At her Life Center, Monicah can let go of her responsibilities for a time. She really enjoys playing games and singing with the other kids. She also gets a healthy meal – when finances have been tighter than usual, that meal can be the highlight of Monicah’s day.

Better than all of this though, the Life Center provides Monicah with an opportunity to grow in her faith. Just last year, Monicah became a Christian, giving her life to Jesus. Her Life Center teacher Miss Virginia has been so kind and encouraging to her as she learns to walk closer with Jesus every day.

It was also her Life Center that helped her and her family through the pandemic. Monicah was one of many children who received emergency food packages through her Life Center. Her mom isn’t sure how they would have survived without that help, as it was very difficult for her to find any work at all during the lockdown. 

It wasn’t just about food though. The Life Center also helped Monicah thrive emotionally during this very tough year. During the lockdown, Monicah couldn’t see her relatives, she couldn’t go to school, and churches and Life Centers were closed. At times Monicah was overwhelmed by the problems caused by the pandemic – it seemed there was no solution, no way out. Many of us can relate to that feeling of hopelessness. But then Monicah remembered one of her Life Center verses. Luke 1:37 says that, with God, nothing is impossible. That verse really encouraged Monicah and helped her rest in the knowledge that God is in control – even of global pandemics!

We’re so glad Monicah has her Life Center to support her on her walk with Jesus!

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