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A Light of Hope

With abundant electricity and lights guiding our every activity, it can be easy to forget how big of an impact light truly has on our lives. But for 13-year-old Lydia in Kenya, a single solar lamp gifted to her by Childcare Worldwide has become a light of hope for her whole family.  Born into a family of eight older siblings, a mother who passed away when Lydia was just six years old, and an alcoholic father who refused to take care of her, Lydia has seen more darkness in her life than any child ever should. Even now, living with her cousins and aunt, Lydia has watched her aunt toil on the farm daily so that she can provide for her family and their two-bedroom, mud-walled house with iron sheet roofing.  It’s often dark in Lydia’s home by the time her aunt is cooking dinner, usually githeri (a stew made of beans and corn), and Lydia and her cousins are completing homework assignments. The rising costs of kerosene for lamps only make these daily tasks become even more difficult for the family. And even when they are able to have their lamps burning, prolonged usage of the kerosene lamps often results in dry coughs and strained eyes.   That’s why Lydia and her family were so happy and thankful to receive a solar lamp!  “It helps my mother cook supper for us, and even helps me to do my homework. Thank you, and may God bless you!” – Lydia, Kenya  The lamp is a wonderful blessing to Lydia’s family, as it is better for their eyes and overall health and allows the children to do a little more studying every evening. They charge the lamp in the sun on top of their low-roofed house by day and reap the many benefits of its light by night.  Lydia’s sponsorship has also made it possible for her to experience weekly Life Center Bible studies, where she has created family-like bonds with children her age, filling the gap of rarely seeing her biological siblings. She is seeing light in so many areas of her life!  This Christmas, we want every child in our programs to have their physical needs met while also experiencing God’s love for them! Will you give a light of hope to children in need this Christmas so we may tangibly share that good news of the gospel with them? Every item in the 2021 Christmas Gift Catalog will bring hope and joy to vulnerable kids–and also introduce them to the love of Jesus.  Additionally, you can make your gift stretch even further! Click here to share the catalog with friends and family, or give a gift from the catalog in honor of a loved one, and give them an “in honor” card here. The more people who know about this opportunity to make a difference for kids, the more children we can reach this Christmas!

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