Around the world, our Life Centers are starting to open back up, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome children back! As a fun way to celebrate, let’s take a look at a typical day for a Life Center student:

It’s Saturday morning and you wake up excited because today is Life Center day – your favorite day of the week! You hurry to get ready. After a quick breakfast, you wave goodbye to mom, and skip down the road.

You arrive at the church early. You drop your bag off inside the classroom, and your teacher stops you to ask if your grandma is feeling better. She reminds you that she’s been praying for her health, and is excited to hear how much better she’s doing.

As your friends arrive, you head back outside to join them for some games. There’s netball, jump rope, and – your favorite – soccer! Worn out and happy from your games, it’s time for the official lessons to start. Back inside, you crowd onto the benches, surrounded by friends.

Today’s lesson is about God’s sovereignty. That’s a big word, but your teacher explains that it means God is always in control – even over the little things, even when things seem hard. You especially love listening to the creation story, which your teacher uses as an example of the authority and deep care that God has for everything in this world… including YOU!

The lesson time wraps up with learning today’s memory verse, Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” As a group, you read it on the chalkboard a number of times. Then, your teacher starts erasing words! It’s easy at first, but suddenly you’re concentrating very hard to remember the missing words. Soon, the chalkboard is blank. When the teacher asks for volunteers, you bravely raise your hand. You stumble on a few of the words, but you’re so proud of yourself for remembering the whole verse. You promise to practice it at home this week, too, so you don’t forget.

Now it’s time to eat! Some of the kids haven’t had breakfast yet today, so they’re even more excited than you are. Today’s meal is toast, fresh fruit, and porridge. You hardly ever get fresh bananas at home, so it’s a real treat!

Time is sadly running out for today. After the meal, you spend some time singing together, which gets everyone on their feet laughing and dancing – one of your favorite parts of the day. Then, you wrap up with a time of prayer where you get to hear the things your friends are struggling with right now. You try to remember each item so you can be sure to pray for them at home.

You’re always a little sad when it’s time to leave your Life Center – next week seems so far away. But as you walk home with your friends, you’re singing some of the songs together and smiling happily – today was a good day!

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