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5 Ways to Pair Practical Christmas Gifts with Meaningful Impact

As you begin planning your Christmas shopping, there are likely going to be those friends who seemingly already have everything they could ever need, the extended family who’s just plain hard to shop for, or the significant other who deserves a meaningful gift that should also be practical. Fortunately, we have gift pairing ideas sure to please any person on your shopping list this Christmas!   Our Christmas gift catalog offers many gifts that meet the tangible needs of children living in poverty and share God’s love with them. You can give one of these meaningful gifts in honor of someone on your shopping list and send them a personalized card sharing the impact they are making. As an added bonus, you could pair your card and catalog gift with a relevant practical gift for your loved one!  Below are five examples of perfect gift pairings to meet the needs of children around the world as well as sharing a thoughtful gift with a loved one.

  1. Good Night’s Sleep Pack + Personalized Blanket

The Good Night’s Sleep Pack gift from the catalog provides a cozy blanket and mosquito net for a child in need, offering them safe, warm slumber. Donate this gift in honor of someone you love, and pair it with a practical and relevant gift, such as their own personalized blanket!

  1. Happy Feet Pack + Socks

 For families living in poverty, it is almost impossible to keep up with how quickly kids’ feet grow. But you can help with the Happy Feet Pack, which offers clean socks and a new pair of shoes to a child in need. To pair it with a practical gift for your loved one, you can include a fun pair of Christmas-themed socks for them!  “One of my happiest memories is when I received a pair of shoes from the Childcare office.  It was my first pair of shoes. I was so happy and excited!” – Grace, Kenya

  1. Bibles + Devotional

 Often multiple families in need must share a single Bible, as they are considered a luxury for families living in poverty. You can give a child in need their very own Bible in honor of a child in your own family, and pair the impact card you’ll receive with a children’s Bible or a devotional for them.

  1. Household Water Filters + Water Bottle

 Each water filter is the key to long-lasting, lifesaving clean water that will benefit a needy family’s health for many years to come. This catalog gift will pair nicely with a new water bottle for a loved one who enjoys an active lifestyle.  “It is so important for children to learn about other children in need. Our grandkids can’t  believe that some kids don’t have clean drinking water.” – Cindy, Childcare Worldwide supporter

  1. Solar Lanterns + Flashlight

 When electricity is a luxury, schoolwork, reading, and Bible study end when the sun goes down. But with a solar lantern from the gift catalog, children can study and learn as long as they need to without straining their eyes. You can get creative with this gift pairing and offer your loved one a solar flashlight or camping lantern!  ````````````  Get the whole family involved!  Creating gift pairings like the ones listed above can also be a great opportunity for your family to create new traditions and build a legacy of generosity as you teach your kids the importance of giving back to others in need.   Encourage your children to select a gift from the catalog in honor of a grandparent or sibling, and see their joy on Christmas morning when they watch recipients open practical gifts that represent a meaningful impact they are making on the world.  


 We’d love to see the gift pairings you come up with as a family! Share your photos on social media and tag #ChildcareWorldwide in your posts. May God bless your generosity for many generations to come!

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