At Childcare Worldwide, kids are our purpose. It is our prayer and mission to see that each child in our sponsorship program receives a great education, nutritious food, clean water, medical care, and most importantly of all, the knowledge that they are loved by Jesus and by people around the world who have chosen to invest in their future.

For children like 13-year-old Francis in Kenya, his sponsor has been the only thing standing between him and starvation. His sponsor provided for his spiritual and physical needs, and sent him letters that made him feel special and full of hope.

Francis is a sweet, soft spoken boy who lives with his aunt, little brother, and baby nephew in a tiny, mud-walled house. Francis spent his first years in an abusive home. Then, one day it was over. His mother left, and his father found a new wife. Francis and his little brother were sent to live with an aunt and he has not seen his parents in a long time.

His aunt does her best to care for the three growing boys by working as a farm hand. It was a difficult life for all of them. Then one day, Francis was sponsored! Suddenly, he was able to attend school and began to dream of becoming a doctor. He received healthy meals and clean water. He attended a Life Center and learned that he has a Heavenly Father who deeply loves him. Life was looking up for Francis, but then, his loving sponsor began to experience financial hardship. Without a sponsor, not only would Francis stop receiving those encouraging letters, without financial support, Francis was in danger of losing everything he had dreamed of. Fortunately, some caring donors were there to step in and Fill the Gap -a program that keeps children in our programs while we work to place them with another sponsor.

When COVID hit and their local economy shut down, Francis and his family were again pushed to the brink of starvation. No one was allowing workers on their farms and schools were closed. Soon, Francis was taking care of two little boys every day while his aunt desperately hunted for something, anything to feed her children. Sometimes she was able to find a little milk for the youngest, sometimes, she found nothing… but God did not forget about Francis. Because Francis was still in our programs, we heard about his family’s critical needs and we were able to provide enough food for his whole family to thrive on each month. Now Francis is able to play and be a child again, as his aunt looks after the little ones instead of desperately searching for food.

In this past year, we have seen God do truly amazing things for His children, and we have seen incredible love and generosity. The dedication of our global staff and loving sponsors has enabled us to care for these children, even in the midst of the pandemic. By the grace of God, no child has been left behind.

Unfortunately, there has been great suffering and hardship around the world as well. Hundreds of dedicated sponsors have been forced to make the heart-rending decision to cancel their sponsorships, due to financial struggles of their own. We have been deeply touched by their stories as we spoke with these wonderful donors, and our staff has been praying for each one.

We praise God that Francis now has a new, wonderful, sponsor and we pray that He will provide for the hundreds of other children that have lost sponsors this year as well. Our Fill the Gap fund is helping them presently, but these children ultimately need new sponsors in order to be able to stay in our sponsorship program. Please join us in prayer for them.

If you would like to sponsor a child like Francis, click here.