5 Ways to Give without Breaking the Bank November 14, 2017

Christmas is coming! And with it, the season of giving! But between your Christmas list, big family meals, and trips to visit far-flung relatives it can also be a season of budgeting and stretching every dollar. You want to give generously, but sometimes it seems impossible to balance generosity with family obligations. Pretty soon what should be a season of joy becomes a season of overwhelming stress.

Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered with our list of top five ways to give more without spending more!

Two young Peruvian girls leaning against each other and smiling for the camera. (more…)

Fighting Worms November 14, 2017

A few weeks ago, little Vaishnavi was sitting in her Life Center class thinking about how much her stomach hurt. You see, Vaishnavi had stomach worms.

These nasty parasites were attacking her intestine, causing pain, nausea and diarrhea. Worse, Vaishnavi had been infected for so long that her body was getting weaker and weaker. Because of the worms, she wasn’t absorbing nutrients the way she needed to.

A doctor in a white coat uses a stethoscope to listen to a little girls heartbeat.

The doctor knew just how to help Vaishnavi!


“It ends up being family” November 7, 2017

It’s hard to believe that the 15th Ugandan Kids Choir is wrapping up. It seems like just yesterday they stepped off the plane from Uganda. They’ve grown so much this year! And not just in height (although they’ve done plenty of that!) – they’ve grown academically, emotionally and spiritually too.

Ten kids in brightly colored shirts all piled onto a couch, sitting on the back, the arms, or even each other.

Wherever they go, this group of kids lights up the room.

As they wrap up their tour, we took some time to sit down with them – both the kids and the leaders – and reflect on how far they’ve come.


Our first question was easy. What is your favorite memory from tour?  (more…)

The Time of Your Life! October 12, 2017

If you’ve ever hosted the Ugandan Kids Choir, you know just how much fun it can be! Families all over the country constantly tell us about the joy they experience when they open their homes to the choir kids. And we’re never surprised. These kids are so full of light and laughter – how could they not light up your life?

Five people are gathered around a "Sorry!" board game, smiling and laughing. A man in the foreground is lying on his back, with just the upper half of his face showing as he tries to fit everyone into the frame.

Pastor Randy teaches the Ugandan Kids Choir to play the classic game of Sorry!


Double Christmas Blessings October 6, 2017

Christmas will be here before you know it! If you’re like me – and many of our supporters – you have a big shopping list for people you’d like to bless this year…and that list can seem a little overwhelming.

This Christmas, you can give hope!

Thankfully, the 2017 Christmas Gift Catalog is here! And it’s here to help us all with our Christmas shopping! The catalog has more than 25 items that you can give to help a child or family in need. But did you know you can give those items “in honor” of one of your friends or loved ones? (more…)

Surviving the Storm in the Night October 4, 2017

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti last year, you sprang into action to help. The Childcare Worldwide family helped build or repair 90 different homes and provided emergency food for 640 families! Almost a year later, we had a chance to catch up with some of the people you helped. Here’s how your gifts made a difference.

Little Shedna with her Uncle Evans in a field near their house.


What about Lunch? September 20, 2017

We’re growing! Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work expanding our school lunch program to help hungry kids succeed in school.

A boy holds a plate and smiles happily as someone fills it with beans. A crowd of children look on from behind him, waiting their turn.

A good lunch helps kids be successful in school!


Passing the Choir Baton September 11, 2017

At the beginning of tour, the Ugandan Kids Choir is usually pretty nervous. They’re hundreds of miles from home, and their English isn’t great. Give them a few weeks, and they’re back up to their boisterous, vibrant selves. But it’s hard at first.

One thing that makes it better? Advice and encouragement from the only people who know exactly what they’re going through!A group of kids sit at desks grinning happily - each of them is waving a letter in the air. The letters are handwritten on lined paper and all have pictures stapled to them.


“It’s Never Too Late” August 28, 2017

Do you believe in miracles? When I hear stories like Alta’s, I have no doubts at all. Miracles happen!

Alta, Kenia and Ismelda struggled to survive for years. But this sewing machine is changing everything!

When Alta was just 17, she was able to go to a sewing trade school. She took to it naturally, rapidly absorbing everything she could. More importantly she loved every minute of it! She dreamed of using her new skills to start her own business someday. Sewing was a way for her to build a future away from the poverty she’d grown up in. (more…)

Fast Food Fight: McDonald’s vs. Chick-fil-A August 9, 2017

No road trip is complete without a fast food stop! But when you’re hungry, lost, and tired of being stuck in the car, the debate about which fast food chain to stop at can get a little heated. Everyone has their favorites, and since you have nothing better to do on a long drive, you’re willing to debate intensely with anyone who dares to disagree with your favorite choice.

Enjoying the bounty of Chick-fil-A!

Now, the children in the Ugandan Kids Choir had never tasted fast food before arriving in America. But after their plane landed, they immediately launched into the ultimate road trip across the states. Now that they’ve been here a few months, they’ve had the chance to sample a number of different chains. (more…)