Fast Food Fight: McDonald’s vs. Chick-fil-A August 9, 2017

No road trip is complete without a fast food stop! But when you’re hungry, lost, and tired of being stuck in the car, the debate about which fast food chain to stop at can get a little heated. Everyone has their favorites, and since you have nothing better to do on a long drive, you’re willing to debate intensely with anyone who dares to disagree with your favorite choice.

Enjoying the bounty of Chick-fil-A!

Now, the children in the Ugandan Kids Choir had never tasted fast food before arriving in America. But after their plane landed, they immediately launched into the ultimate road trip across the states. Now that they’ve been here a few months, they’ve had the chance to sample a number of different chains. (more…)

Every Meal Matters July 31, 2017

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we believe that every single meal matters in the fight against hunger. Why? Because the pain of hunger is so great, that being able to stop it even just for one day is worth it.

Loice and Silvia clutch precious gifts of food during a drought in Kenya.

We’re talking about true hunger here. Not the way we use the word in America (“Oh, it’s 3pm and I haven’t had lunch yet, I’m so ‘hungry’”). No. This is real, aching hunger. This is the kind of hunger where your belly is never truly satisfied for days on end; the kind where you had only a crust of bread today and you don’t know if you will have anything at all tomorrow; the kind that makes you too weak to go to school. For the children who are suffering this kind of hunger, every meal makes a difference.

Here’s a closer look at why we believe Every Meal Matters: (more…)

Cook One, Give One July 25, 2017

This summer, we need your help!

Children living in poverty suffer stabbing hunger pains, stunted growth, and an inability to concentrate in school… all because they don’t get enough to eat. That’s why we’ve initiated Every Meal Matters, our campaign to provide 35,000 meals to hungry children in the next three months.

But this summer, we want to go beyond just giving, and engage on a deeper level. Would you be satisfied with a simple meal of just rice and beans? For most us, the answer is probably not. But all too often that simple dish is considered a luxury in developing countries, and for many children in our programs.

So this summer we’re diving in to that experience, we’re on a mission to Cook One, Give One. And we need your help!


10 Ways to be an Awesome Sponsor July 10, 2017

The relationship between a sponsor and their child can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s hard to know where to start. Their lives seem so different from our own – how do you find the common ground from which to start a real conversation?

But we hear from sponsored children over and over how encouraging and exciting it is for them to receive messages from you. So, here are 10 tips to get you started writing great letters to your sponsored child! (more…)

Room for One More in the Family July 5, 2017

Every host family is special, but there are some who go above and beyond – families like the Hogans who we met in Missouri. After hosting the Ugandan Kids Choir in their home, the Hogans decided they wanted to do even more. They wanted to sponsor a child!

The Hogan’s host children were thrilled! Finding new sponsors is their ultimate goal while touring the U.S.

Desire had no idea how special the Hogan family would be to her own family.


How a Life Center Ends Heartache June 28, 2017

Children in the developing world have so many needs it’s hard to know where to start. Food? Education? Clean water? Faith? Each of these things is a key to ending poverty for good, and we know children need them all. In order to treat all these needs at once, we built Life Centers.

Life Centers are the heart of Childcare Worldwide’s programs. Children in our programs meet at their Life Center weekly, building personal relationships with the staff and teachers there. This allows us learn exactly what each child’s needs are – and the needs are many! – and find appropriate ways to meet them. Instead of just a band aid, our Life Centers offer children in need real, holistic change.

Behind Esther’s sweet smile hides deep heartache.

These are children like little Esther, who had many needs and troubles. But through the Life Center, she found help in many different forms. (more…)

Thank you from the field June 23, 2017

This spring, you gave us a powerful reminder of just how incredible the Childcare Worldwide family is. We came to you with a huge need – the drought in Baringo, Kenya was devastating families, and people were dying. But what happened after that is a clear miracle!

Listen to Michael, our director in Kenya, explain just how important your gifts were to the people on the ground:


Praise God for Good Dads! June 16, 2017

An older man sits on a rock outside a corrugated tin building, with his arm around a young boy as they both smile at the camera.

Davens and his dad Pierre

It’s almost Father’s Day! This year, your friendly reminder to thank your dad for all he’s done for you is brought to you by a little boy in Haiti….

Davens was 12 years old when Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti last year. And it was terrifying. Davens lived with his parents Marie and Pierre and three siblings on the banks of a river, one of the worst places to be in a storm. As the rains lashed the island the river started to rise. (more…)

Lunch break for Hungry Kids! June 7, 2017

Meet Mykenva Jean. Mykenva lives in Haiti and is in 2nd Grade. She is nine years old and loves science – she wants to be a nurse when she grows up!

Two students in red plaid uniforms - one with giant red bows in her hair - grin shyly at the camera as they wait in line.

Children waiting for lunch at a school in Haiti


Classrooms around the World June 6, 2017

A good education is the key to a brighter future for every child we serve. But education comes in all shapes and sizes. The average school in Kenya looks very different than the average school in India. So here is your chance to learn a little more about where your sponsored child goes to school!

A young girl sits at a wooden desks holding a pencil, and bending over a piece of paper in deep concentration.

Education builds successful futures!