Life Centers around the World February 15, 2017

A group of Kenyan girls clapping and signing

Worship time in Kenya!

Here at Childcare Worldwide, everything we do is centered around the Gospel of Jesus. Which is why we get so excited about the transformations happening at our Life Centers around the world as kids meet Jesus!

In India….

A little boy named Aashish is – understandably – bitter at his father. Aashish’s mother died in an accident. Instead of being the rock Aashish needed through that difficult time, his father turned to alcohol and drank away his grief. During the worst days of Aashish’s life, the only parent he had left was drunk and neglecting him. And it filled little Aashish with bitterness. (more…)

Sponsorship changes lives February 7, 2017

By all rights, Joseph should have been a statistic. He should have died young. He should have lived a life of crime. He should have become radicalized. He should have been a drug addict.

But that’s not how his story turns out…

Joseph stands on a hill overlooking a lake.

Joseph beat the odds!

Joseph was born in Rwanda in 1994, during the height of the genocide. Joseph’s family was Tutsi. To save their newborn son, Joseph’s mother fled with him to Uganda while his father stayed behind to fight. Joseph and his mother made it safely to Uganda, but never heard from his father again. (more…)

First Impressions February 7, 2017

The 10 members of the newest Ugandan Kids Choir pose for the camera.

The newest Choir is ready for an amazing year on the road!

Ivan and Evalyne, brand new Ugandan Kids Choir chaperones, are trying to get through the airport with ten excited, nervous, little bundles of energy. They’ve left Uganda and landed in Dubai on their long journey to the United States. The airport here is the biggest building any of them have ever seen. As they settle in to wait for their next flight, Ivan asks them what their favorite part of the trip has been so far.

Little Ronald’s answer? “The ladder that moves!”

It takes Ivan and Evalyne a minute to understand what he means. And then they realize – Ronald has never seen an escalator before!

This is just the first of many firsts that will fill the new Ugandan Kids Choir tour with excitement and wonder throughout their first few weeks here in the U.S. (more…)

2016 Year in Review January 12, 2017

2016 was an amazing year for Childcare Worldwide.

Group of children smiling for the camera

We’ve got a lot to celebrate this year!

We’ve seen kids graduate and go on to trade school or college, kids who – without sponsorship – would have never even finished eighth grade.

We’ve seen families take just three little goats and turn them into financial security.


Joy to the World! January 12, 2017

Two girls giggle excitedly in a small church in rural Uganda. They are carefully trying on costumes, and helping each other with head-dresses and paper wings.

Two girls dress up for a Christmas play

Costumes for the Christmas play need to be just right.

Meanwhile a little boy sits on the floor crafting props out of paper, while other children memorize lines. A few adults are also hard at work – One is setting out treats, and another is “decking the halls” with Christmas trees and ornaments. Another is laying out piles of presents wrapped in festive, sparkly paper.

All of this work is in preparation for the Love Pak Christmas party, and excitement levels could not be higher! All of this is because of you. We are amazed by your generosity! With all your gifts this year, we threw parties just like this one for 6,500 children around the world. 6,500! That’s a new Love Pak record! Thank you for bringing so much joy this Christmas!   (more…)

Christmas in Kiserian November 11, 2016

Kiserian is a small village that lies just beyond the shores of Lake Baringo. To get there is no easy task! One way is to take a boat across the lake. The other way is to take a four-wheel drive vehicle over bumpy roads and through rushing streams.



In a small hut, a little girl prepares for something special. No, it isn’t for the arrival of Santa Claus or funny little elves. It’s something much better.


Gifts that matter November 11, 2016

Have you ever found yourself spending hours or even days trying to figure out what to buy a friend or family member for Christmas? You find yourself thinking, “It’s getting closer to Christmas, and I still haven’t found anything for Uncle Harry!” It can be hard to determine what presents people will actually enjoy, but one of our donors has found a creative solution to the problem.


Barb has been giving gifts through the Gift Catalog for two years – she wouldn’t celebrate Christmas any other way!

Read on to find out how she is making a bigger impact by changing her gift-giving traditions.


The choir kids tell us what they are thankful for November 9, 2016

With Thanksgiving Day almost upon us, we thought it would fun to ask a few of our Ugandan choir kids what they are thankful for.


The children have a wonderful capacity to appreciate, in a fresh way, the basic blessings of life as well as thankfulness for new experiences. We think their answers will surprise you and also touch your heart.


Uganda’s got talent! October 24, 2016

Ever wondered how the kids are selected for our Ugandan Kids Choir?

The children are ready to come ashore and head for the training center!

The children are ready to come ashore and head for the training center!

Before you start thinking about talent shows with floodlit stages and harsh judges, read on!


Rumors of a witch October 24, 2016

“Did you hear?” a woman asked one of her neighbors in a shabby street of a Kenyan slum.

“Hear what?” the other asked eager to hear the latest gossip.


This brave mother has endured much in her life.

“I heard it from a woman five houses down,” the first one said with an air of importance. “I don’t know where she got the news but she said it is from a reliable source.”

“What is it? What is it? Tell me!”