The Key to the Future: Lunch February 16, 2018

A close up shot of girl grinning confidently at the camera. She's wearing a school uniform and backpack, and her hair is done in multiple braids fastened with red and white barrettes.

We can’t wait to see what Solanie accomplishes!

Remember the name Solanie Monaise.

In another 15 years or so you might see it in news headlines. Today, Solanie is a young girl, but someday soon she could very well be one of the people leading Haiti. (more…)

Faith Like a Child February 16, 2018

Salvador’s faith is one of the strongest you’ll ever see. But it’s even more amazing when you realize he is just six years old.

Salvador lives with his mother and sister in Mexico. His father, as Salvador puts it, “he is a bad man.” He does stop by to see them every once in a while, but he doesn’t do anything to help the family. Making ends meet, and taking care of the kids falls solely on his mother’s shoulders.

A little boy sits on his mom's lap.

Salvador and his mother Maria.


Finding hope in beans February 16, 2018

When we first met baby Annet, she was sitting in the dirt playing with an empty bowl. She and her brother were all alone.

A little girl sits in the dirt, holding an empty bowl.

Annet plays with an empty bowl

You see, Annet’s mother is struggling every day to keep her family alive. She has nobody to help her – no husband, no relatives, no nearby friends who can watch her three kids. (more…)

The Heart of Worship February 7, 2018

The Ugandan Kids Choir is a lot of things. They’re tiny ambassadors for kids in need. They’re big dreamers and sweet friends. They’re on a mission to spread laughter and joy. But at the end of the day, everything they do comes back to worship. A few weeks ago, we sat down with them to talk about worship. For them it’s not just something they do when they’re on stage. It’s what they do all the time!

A little girl sings into a microphone.


Finding True Hope January 30, 2018

At the young age of 11, Annette was already filled with despair. For her family, living in a poor area of Uganda, every day was a struggle to survive. The stress and worry of poverty was slowly overwhelming her.

A girl leans against a brick wall, smiling for the camera.

Annette had no hopes or dreams that should could ever escape a life of poverty.

Her father was out of work. He’d searched for a job for as long as Annette could remember with no luck. Instead, the family had to rely her mother’s small wage. The money she earned was barely enough to feed them. There was nothing left over to send the children to school.

But one day, everything changed.


Top Chef: Peru Edition January 22, 2018

A man wearing a black chef's uniform and matching hat stands at a stainless steel counter top rolling out dough with a wooden rolling pin.

Jefferson pursuing his dream at Idatur Institute.

Jefferson is the last person you would expect to find at a prestigious culinary school in Lima, Peru.

As a child, Jefferson had a lot working against him. His parents separated when he was little, which was emotionally devastating for him. As he says, “I felt like a beautiful bowl had been dropped on the ground – there was a crack in it that grew day-by-day.” (more…)

The difference of breakfast January 12, 2018

A group of kids dancing on a stage

Tour 16 showing off some of their best dance moves.

The bus pulled up to a brick building in Wichita, Kansas and the Choir kids piled out. As always, they goggled at their new surroundings, drinking in every second of their experience in the United States. But this stop was different from all the rest. This stop would show them a whole new layer of America. (more…)

True Christmas Joy January 9, 2018

Thank you to everyone who gave a Christmas Love Pak to a child in need this year!

Four boys sit on a bench in front of a bright blue wall. All four are holding packages wrapped in plastic and tied at the top with a red bow.

These boys could hardly wait to unwrap their Christmas Love Paks!

Together, we gave Love Paks to 6,937 children! Your gifts filled their Christmases with light and joy. And for many of them, you gave them the opportunity to hear the true Christmas story for the first time! Most importantly, you let a hurting child know they are not forgotten.

Your gifts touched hearts in…. (more…)

Cheers to 2017 January 2, 2018

As we start 2018, let’s take a moment to celebrate 2017! It was quite the year. Friends, you stepped up to help in big ways this past year. And we are so grateful for every gift, every prayer, and every show of support. Check out just a few of the things that you’ve made possible!

Two girls in matching red school uniforms, smile up at the camera. One girl has red ribbons in her hair that are sticking out in all directions, as if the girl is jumping up and down. (more…)

Across the Miles December 21, 2017

Cyndy has been a faithful supporter of Childcare Worldwide for decades. She’s sponsored many children over the years, but in 2002, she started sponsoring a special little boy. He was just six years old at the time and his name is Zizinga.

Two people both wearing blue LA Dodgers T-Shirts stand together smiling for the camera.

Cyndy and Zizinga meeting in person for the first time!