Let me tell you a story.

It’s about a boy, and a disease, and an election. But mostly it’s about YOU, and what God can do with gifts like yours.

Many years ago, Phillip wasn’t dreaming of becoming a politician. He didn’t seem like anyone special; just another destitute child, destined for a short life of poverty, and heartbreak.

You see, Phillip contracted Polio as a child. The disease stunted his growth and gave him extreme scoliosis that made it impossible to walk. Other kids his age started school…but Phillip was too sick to join them.

Thankfully, that’s when our founder, Dr. Max Lange, first noticed him. Seeing how Phillip suffered, Max took a special interest in the boy. He made sure that Childcare Worldwide intervened to give Phillip a better life!

Our staff brought Phillip to live at one of our children’s homes near Upendo, Kenya. There he found the love, stability and care he never experienced anywhere else. And there, he was sponsored! Sponsorship meant he got to go to school, something he’d almost given up on! He was also introduced to the Gospel and taught Christian ethics. You’ll see later in his story what a profound impact that had on him.

Even better, we partnered with a health-focused organization to get Phillip the medical care he needed. With their help, he had multiple surgeries to correct his scoliosis. Phillip may never be the tallest man in the room, but thanks to those surgeries, today he can walk normally!

With the gift of a healthy body, Phillip could finally focus on what really mattered: his education. He stayed at the home in Upendo until 8th grade, and then went to a boarding High School after that. He threw himself into his studies, eager to make the most of the opportunity.

As an adult, Phillip is living life to the fullest! He got married, and he and his wife just a welcomed a son a few months ago. But he’s always looking for ways to give back, recognizing how blessed he is. So, when he saw an opportunity to make a difference for his community, he jumped at the chance. He decided to run for a seat on the county parliament!

There were 15 people running against him. Most of them resorted to bribing the voters, trying to buy their votes. But Phillip remembered the Christian character lessons he’d been taught at the Upendo home. He ran a clean campaign, refusing to give or take bribes.

When the results were counted, Phillip had won! He is now a representative to the Nakuru County parliament!

Without generous people like you, Phillip’s life would have been a tragedy. He would have been reduced to begging on a street corner, barely able to walk. “If Dr. Max had not noticed me,” Phillip said, “I would still be in the village where I grew up; dirty and uneducated.”

But instead, he is making a difference for his community!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in helping children build a brighter future, just like Phillip did, click here.