About Us

Childcare Worldwide transforms children’s lives by exposing them to the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing for their physical needs and sponsoring their education.

What Makes Childcare Worldwide Unique

Christian Commitment

• We are committed to exposing children to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
• We hire exclusively Christian individuals in every project we operate.
• Our country directors and program staff are national professionals, allowing our programs to be more effective within that culture.
• Our programs are run through a local church.
• We accept no government funding of any kind, which allows us total freedom in proclaiming the Gospel.


• The focal point of our programs is to remove the barriers that stand in the way of child education.
• Our program doesn’t stop at high school; we offer college and trade school sponsorship as well to ensure our sponsored children can become significantly employed.

Long Term Transformation

• Sponsored children are part of a Christian Character-Building curriculum, which develops strong ethical, moral and leadership qualities in our children.
• A component of this curriculum focuses on spiritual strength and resisting corruption, which enables our young men and women to fight against the leading cause of poverty in their culture.