Here at Childcare Worldwide we’re catching our breath after an incredible, whirlwind of year. God has been doing great things through our ministry, all thanks to your generosity and support! As we look back on 2018 we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for everything you’ve helped accomplish. Let’s recap!

  • Food assistance for over 4600 people!

690 children received regular school lunches throughout the year giving them a boost of energy and nutrition they relied on to make it through each day. In addition, your gifts provided 300 Critical Care Paks to desperate families, giving them enough basic food supplies to help them get back on their feet.

But you didn’t stop there. You also stepped up to help in two emergency situations. Last spring, Lelen, Kenya was suffering from drought. For 200 families living there you provided ongoing food assistance until the rains returned. Thanks to your support, they were able to survive and rebuild their community stronger than ever. And then in May, you stepped up again for families whose homes were destroyed when the Solai Dam burst in Kenya. Your gifts allowed us to help another 200 families as they tried to rebuild after losing everything.

  • Over 7000 children enrolled in our Christian Character Building Programs

You ensured 7000 children heard the Gospel and had the opportunity to build relationships with Christian mentors in their communities. With over 5000 children attending our Life Centers and an additional 2000 children connected with our Peaceful Revolution program, we’re very excited by all the opportunities we had to share the Gospel last year!

  • 43 clean water catchment systems built

At 43 different churches and schools, you helped build new clean water systems. These large-capacity water tanks provide families a source of clean water right by their homes. Not only do these tanks save countless hours as families no longer have to walk so far for water, they are improving health and safety too! An estimated 13,000 people are benefitting from these gifts. Best of all, these water tanks provide churches with additional opportunities to build connections with their communities.

  • 109 families were given the tools to overcome poverty

From chickens to sewing machines, you provide 109 different gifts to help families escape poverty. You gave cows to 14 families, helped 16 families build goat herds and provided chickens for 40 families! Each animal gave families easily sustainable sources of food and income. In areas where jobs are scarce, these gifts made all the difference!

You also helped 39 different single mothers launch their own small businesses with the gift of a sewing machine, or training in hairdressing. Both hairdressing and tailoring services pay well, and allow these women to work on their own terms with the flexibility to care for their children.

  • God guides us to our new president

In November, Dr. Max entered his very well earned retirement after giving 37 years of his life to building Childcare Worldwide. Nobody could ever replace Max, but God brought us a wonderful new leader to take us into the next chapter. Bill Nienhuis became Childcare Worldwide’s new president on November 1, and we are so grateful for all your prayers that sustained us through this process. God’s hand was clearly at work in helping us find Bill, and we know that is largely because you were interceding on our behalf. We’re excited to see what God has in store for us under Bill’s leadership!


Thank you for making all of this possible! 2018 was a great year, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to build a better life for kids in need. If you’re interested in tangibly improving the lives of kids around the world, click here.