Life Centers

A place for children to meet Jesus and grow in faith!

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What is a Life Center?

In partnership with local churches, Life Centers bring children together each week for Bible study in a supportive environment. With meals, games, and songs, it’s a day of fun – but more importantly, it’s a day of discipleship. 

With your help, we provide each Life Center church with the structure, training, curriculum and support that they need to build a vibrant community where kids can learn and grow. We equip Life Center teachers, who are members of the local congregation, to be mentors and role models for kids in need. We also work closely with each church to meet the holistic needs of the children at each Life Center, removing obstacles to their success and growth.

Whether children are hearing the Gospel for the first time, or the 100th time, Life Centers help children build a personal, transformative relationship with Jesus!

Don't wait to introduce a child to Jesus. It costs just $5 to enroll a child in a Life Center for a whole month, giving them the gift of spiritual transformation and eternal hope.

A Community for Healing

When 15-year-old Victor in Peru first started attending his Life Center, he was shy and slow to participate. He enjoyed the Bible stories, but was withdrawn in most other activities. Victor’s family isn’t Christian, so this was the first time Victor had heard about Jesus’ sacrificial love. Eventually, he started to open up more, becoming more comfortable around the teacher and the other students. Soon, Life Center was his favorite part of the week. 

And even though nobody else in his family is Christian, Victor gave his life to the Lord.

Despite his shyness, Victor was always very close to his grandpa. He was one of the few people who seemed to truly understand him, one of the few he could let his walls down around. So you can imagine how devastated Victor was when his grandpa passed away from COVID-19. He felt like his whole world had fallen apart. 

His grief started to consume him. He took to locking himself in his room, refusing to come out. His mother was deeply worried about him, but had no idea how to help him through this grief and depression. Worst of all, he started to doubt his new-found faith. How could a loving God take his grandpa from him?

Thankfully, Victor didn’t have to navigate this grief alone - his Life Center community was there to help! It was his Life Center teachers and friends that drew him out of depression. Due to COVID, they couldn’t meet in person, but they were still meeting virtually. And that made all the difference.

Through them, he slowly started to heal. They prayed for him constantly, and reminded him daily to put his trust in God. They cheered him on as he emerged from his locked room and started to interact with them and with his family again. Today, Vicor is healing, leaning on God’s strength, and learning to move forward… all thanks to his Life Center community!

How do Life Centers Work?

Spiritual Development

First and foremost, Life Centers provide an avenue to share the Gospel with children in need. 

Through our spiritual development curriculum, children are introduced to Jesus and His limitless love. We share both Biblical principles to help guide their day-to-day lives as well as the transformative truth of what it means live free in Jesus. With engaging lessons that are appropriate to each child’s age and culture, this curriculum changes lives. 

Many of our kids have never heard the Good News prior to coming to the Life Center, but we’ve seen countless children give their lives to Jesus and continue to grow in their faith as they progress through the curriculum. 

holistic care

Beyond sharing the Good News, Life Centers are also a space to meet children’s needs. We strongly believe that removing obstacles to children’s success is the key to helping them thrive - both spiritually and otherwise. 

Every Life Center meeting includes a healthy, nutritious meal because we know children can’t learn on an empty stomach. We also work with our church partners to ensure their community - and each child - has access to clean water, providing both water tanks and household water filters where needed. 

Most importantly however, through our Life Center teachers we learn of specific needs families may have. The teachers see the children every single week and can alert us almost immediately when there is an emergency or on-going need. With their guidance, we can provide additional food assistance, medical care, or even emergency shelter if needed, to be sure every child is taken care of.

Will you Share the Good News With a Child in Need?

It costs just $5 to enroll a child at a Life Center for a whole month, giving them access to both spiritual development and holistic care. Every gift you give will make a difference for eternity.