Food for Life

Child eating

805 million people in the world do not have enough food

Lack of food is one of the most critical issues facing poor children around the world. In Africa alone 23 million primary school-aged children go to class hungry each day. As a child sponsor, you are assured that each child you support receives enough nutritious food to remain strong and healthy.

In addition to our sponsorship programs, Childcare Worldwide also reaches out to the communities in which we work through various food programs—saving lives and bringing the hope of Jesus to thousands of people who would otherwise go hungry.

Here’s how we make an impact together:

School Lunch Program:

Childcare Worldwide provides hot, nourishing school lunches to children so they can be assured of at least one healthy meal each day. This ensures they can remain attentive and alert in their classes, remain strong and healthy, and have hope for a brighter future.

It costs $30 to provide school lunches for a child for one month.



Critical Care Pak Program:

Many families have little or no means of obtaining enough food to survive. For these families, we deliver Critical Care Paks, which provide enough food to help feed a family of five for an entire month. These Paks include nutritious staple foods which are highly nourishing as well “common” to the people in that location and culture. Our Critical Care Paks not only maintain the health of the family; they free up time and resources to help the family to work its way out of poverty.

Each Critical Care Pak costs $30




Emergency Food Program:

When drought or other natural disasters hit poor areas of the developing world, famine is often just around the corner.  In the areas where we work, we provide emergency food where and when these emergencies occur.

Click here to see current emergency food relief projects.