Thank you from the field June 23, 2017

This spring, you gave us a powerful reminder of just how incredible the Childcare Worldwide family is. We came to you with a huge need – the drought in Baringo, Kenya was devastating families, and people were dying. But what happened after that is a clear miracle!

Listen to Michael, our director in Kenya, explain just how important your gifts were to the people on the ground:


Praise God for Good Dads! June 16, 2017

An older man sits on a rock outside a corrugated tin building, with his arm around a young boy as they both smile at the camera.

Davens and his dad Pierre

It’s almost Father’s Day! This year, your friendly reminder to thank your dad for all he’s done for you is brought to you by a little boy in Haiti….

Davens was 12 years old when Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti last year. And it was terrifying. Davens lived with his parents Marie and Pierre and three siblings on the banks of a river, one of the worst places to be in a storm. As the rains lashed the island the river started to rise. (more…)

Lunch break for Hungry Kids! June 7, 2017

Meet Mykenva Jean. Mykenva lives in Haiti and is in 2nd Grade. She is nine years old and loves science – she wants to be a nurse when she grows up!

Two students in red plaid uniforms - one with giant red bows in her hair - grin shyly at the camera as they wait in line.

Children waiting for lunch at a school in Haiti


Classrooms around the World June 6, 2017

A good education is the key to a brighter future for every child we serve. But education comes in all shapes and sizes. The average school in Kenya looks very different than the average school in India. So here is your chance to learn a little more about where your sponsored child goes to school!

A young girl sits at a wooden desks holding a pencil, and bending over a piece of paper in deep concentration.

Education builds successful futures!


The Choir’s Classroom May 31, 2017

Did you know that keeping up with their education is an important part of choir member’s daily lives? It’s no easy task to stay up-to-date while they’re on the road, but they do it!

Four students and a teacher lean over a workbook , all concentrating and pointing at the page as if in deep discussion.

Class is in session!

Every group of kids that comes to the U.S. also includes a teacher from Uganda who travels with them, and plans their lessons. Most churches the Choir visits offer a space in their building that becomes their classroom. So five days a week, just as if they were at home, they go to school. They use Ugandan curriculum, so that when they return home they are right on pace with their classmates. (more…)

The Road to Graduation May 24, 2017

The funny square hats and black robes…the happy parents holding back tears of pride…the long-winded speeches…these are all signs it is graduation season. And we have a lot of students to celebrate with! In the past year, 118 Childcare Worldwide students have graduated (or are about to graduate) from college or trade school!

A group of about 30 students pose for the camera in black graduation robes, with brightly colored leis and ribbons around their necks.

Congratulations to all the students graduating this year!

Even here in the United States, with our relatively high graduation rates, graduation ceremonies are a big deal. But for the kids we serve in developing countries, it is even more important. You see, to them, graduation day is one giant step on the path out of poverty. Many of them are the first in their families to finish school! (more…)

Auntie Michelle visits Uganda May 12, 2017

The bond a Tour Leader forms with their choir kids is special. They share countless hours on the bus, new experiences daily, the frustrations of close quarters and life on the road, and the joys of accomplishing their common goal of seeing more kids sponsored! For the kids, their “Auntie” becomes mom, teacher, friend and mentor all rolled into one. Saying goodbye at the end of tour is tough.  All of these reasons made Michelle Holstein’s trip to Uganda so exciting!

“Auntie Michelle” was a Tour Leader in 2016, and now she is getting ready to lead her next tour!

Michelle was a tour leader in 2016, and we are so excited that she is coming back to lead another tour starting soon. During her recent trip to Uganda, Michelle got to visit her former tour kids, as well as meet her new tour! And it sounds like it was an incredible experience for them all! (more…)

On the Road with Dr. Lange May 11, 2017

Recently, our founder and president, Dr. Max Lange, visited our office in Peru. When he came back, he took some time to reflect on all the progress that has been made in Peru, and all the work yet to be done. It’s pretty incredible to hear how God has been at work over the years!

Two young Peruvian girls leaning against each other and smiling for the camera.

Childcare Worldwide started working in Comas, Peru in 1984. A lot has changed in 33 years, so I asked Dr. Lange to paint me the picture of what it was like then, and what it is like now.


Why Water? May 8, 2017

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we care a lot about clean water. It is imperative that the kids we serve have access to safe water. The cost of not meeting this basic need is simply too high.

A group of Kenyan children splash and play in a cistern of clear water.

Children in Kenya get excited about clean water too!

Here’s a look at the top 5 reasons why clean water is important:


Beating the Odds May 3, 2017

By all rights, Joseph should have been a statistic. He should have died young. He should have lived a life of crime. He should have become radicalized. He should have been a drug addict.

But that’s not how his story turns out…

Joseph stands on a hill overlooking a lake.

Joseph beat the odds!

Joseph was born in Rwanda in 1994, during the height of the genocide. To save their newborn son, Joseph’s mother fled with him back to her native Uganda while his father stayed behind. Joseph and his mother made it safely to Uganda, but they never heard from his father again.